7 Apps Bundle to your Business Growth

A customer is a reason behind how and why a business lives. Understanding customer needs is the key to success of any business. Know how to make your customer happy, if you want to take your business to new heights. The growth of eCommerce is measured primarily by the online traffic it receives and the conversion rate it concedes. The best business predictions, insights, scalable marketing strategies and effective marketing tools with respect to eCommerce performance contribute to the legitimate growth of business.

We don't want to draw a serious line on 'How to Grow in a business'. Let's talk light. We worked out something simple and interesting about it here.

Come along, let's grow together! We are super-excited to bring you the smartest bundle of brilliant apps to make an exceptional surge in the sales. It's, indeed, an added brilliance to your Joomla eCommerce store.

Bundle of 7 Premium Apps

The 'seven' is a special number to bring a magical difference to your online store. J2store takes boundless joy to bundle it for you with a single click. We named it a Growth Bundle as it sure will accelerate your sales to reach a remarkable growth. How curious are you to look at what's there in the bundle?

1. Points and Rewards

Appreciation is an essential human need. The businesses should invest on the fundamental need of the customers rewarding their buying behaviour now and then to encourage them to stay with them in the long run. One of the best ways to engage your customers on your online store is to reward them with bonus points. Points and Rewards app sets a spending rule to allow customers to accumulate points that can be redeemed for discounts and offers on the future purchases.

Know more about Points and Rewards here.

2. Bulk Discounts

Providing bulk discount is one of the effective ways to attract more customers into buying. Leverage the discount psychology of the customers to promote sales and make more profit. The Bulk Discount App implements a greater flexibility in providing discounts without requiring the customers to apply for a coupon.

Encourage customers to purchase more by offering bulk discounts depending on the ordered quantity and on the particular product.

Know more about Bulk Discount App here.

3. Grouped Products

Influence the buying decision of a consumer effectively with the Grouped Products app. Group the products of a same category or type to allow your customers to buy with a single click. The items can either be purchased singularly or as a group based on the availability of the stock. Product grouping need not have any relevance, but as a package, they look complete and attract customers to go for a package of many rather than to buy them individually. For ex. Consumables, greetings and gifts, furniture and furnishing needs, clothes and matching accessories, and the like.

Get to know more about Grouped Products Extension on here.

4. Wishlists

It's another effective sales generating tool to bring customers back to your online store. It's all about how equipped your eCommerce store is to keep your customers engaged for more time. The majority of the customers love to do window shopping, and adding things they love to buy to a wishlist for their future purchase is a bonus for any passionate buyer. And it's a promising tool that sure would bring back the customers to their wishlist basket to make a buying decision though a little delayed.

Wishlist not only allows the customers to add an unlimited number of products for a future buy but also gives them the immense joy of adding them to their virtual basket for a while.

Add a great value to your store with Wishlist.

5. Enhanced ECommerce Google Analytics

Know better about your customers. It gives you better insight about how each customer behaves on your online store, starting from a simple product view to tracking a visitor on the Thank-You page. Precisely, it's an eCommerce enhancement app, with its rich reporting abilities, gives you the right picture of how the conversion has taken place. Improve your sales funnel and stay ahead of the curve.

Know more

6. Request Quote / Email Basket / Cart

Catering to all types of customers needs is an art. Consumer behaviour varies from a customer to customer. Some customers like discounts, some like rewards and some like bargains. Address the bargaining behaviour of your customers and allow them to request a quote for selected products.

Let the customer add a few products to their cart and request a quote. An email will be sent to you with the items in the cart and to the address of the client. Choose to disable the standard checkout altogether and use J2Store as a quote cart.

Get to know more about the App here.

7. Gift Card / Certificates

A beautiful marketing tool to increase sales at your online store. Sell redeemable gift cards at your online store. Generate voucher codes for gift certificates when a customer makes a purchase, and encourage them to redeem the certificates for the future purchases. Balance amount can also be managed with the app. Do you want to know more about how it works?

Do you want to know more about how it works?

Improve Sales Funnel

There are several business elements contribute to the sales funnel improvement. We are extremely happy to bundle the premium apps that would take you towards building loyalty. Consistent promotion, clear appreciation, and regular marketing campaigns are the ways to see a greater improvement in your sales funnel. J2store believes in setting up the easy business platform for you. Growth Bundle is one such genuine effort towards growing together.

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