Add beautiful product reviews with Komento

One of the biggest challenges any store faces is earning customer's trust. Product reviews are one of the time-tested ways of building trust and increasing the sales.

Store owners often underestimate the power of product reviews. Humans are social animals and we give more value to the suggestions / feedback from others. So adding a product review to your Joomla e-Commerce site can have very strong influence on customer purchase decisions.

And we have the perfect solution that will help you set up a beautiful review system in your store.

J2Store has partnered with StackIdeas and integrated their powerful comment and review application, Komento, with J2Store. Komento is a handy app that lets customers add reviews to products.

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You can

  • Seamlessly integrate Komento with your product pages

  • Add a rating

  • Allow customers to share their reviews in social channels

  • Have a conversation and show the conversation bar

  • Control what user/user groups are commenting

  • Attach images to their comments

  • and more

Add Komento to your product pages today.


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Download Komento

Download Komento - J2Store Integration


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