Benefits of having a faster, simpler checkout experience

The topic of checkout experience assumes great significance in an e-commerce industry. When we re-designed the checkout steps in J2Store 2x, we have consulted gurus behind the OpenCart shopping cart and UX experts and then settled on the current design.

However, two important elements in the checkout steps have raised many questions from the Joomla community. Most of the Joomla users are used to enter a username while registering an account. But in the J2Store shopping cart, we take Email as the username. Moreover, people are asking why the username field is missing? 



Email as the username

Here is the reason: Email will be unique. During the checkout, the store owner wants the customer to sign up and order faster by providing a friendly checkout experience.

If we add a username field, then the customer will be left to take time to type a unique name.
Say, he enters John as the username. Another customer might have taken this name already.

Instead of the username, we can use the email. That way, it will be unique and customer will be registered quickly without so much fuzz.

Most customers hate filling up forms.

Activation Emails

Another question asked by the Joomla users is that there are no activation emails being sent. It is because the activation is done automatically. This was primarily done to enable the customer to checkout quickly.

If we send activation emails, we wait for the customers:
- to check his email
- click the link to activate
- then login again
- view the cart
- Go to Checkout

By doing automatic activation, we eliminate all unnecessary steps and help the customers order quickly.

The world moves at an unimaginable speed these days. An average visitor spends only about 2 to 4 minutes in any e-commerce site. Within these four minutes, we have to convert a visitor to a customer.

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