BrainTree Payment gateway support for Subscriptions app

The Subscriptions and Memberships extension for Joomla now supports Braintree Payment gateway. BrainTree is a popular payment gateway from PayPal.

You can now sell subscription-based products and services and the customers will be automatically charge your customers on a weekly / monthly or annual basis.

The Subscriptions app for J2Store allows you to sell your products on a subscription basis and automatically charge your customers.

You can also sell memberships in your Joomla website and provide access to restricted content. You can charge your members on a monthly or yearly basis automatically.

The app already supports: Stripe, Authorize.net, Mollie, PayPal (with Reference Transaction feature enabled)

The Subscriptions and Memberships app for J2Store has a number of features. The key features are :

Billing schedules

Create any type of billing schedules. You can have memberships for days, weeks, months and years. Example: 3 months, 6 months, 1 year

Sign up Fees

You can now collect one-time sign -up fees or set -up fees along with the subscription. If it is a recurring subscription, the customer will only billing for the membership plan cost in the next billing automatically.

Expiry management

The app automatically manages the expiration of the membership. You can set the system to notify the customers before the expiry of their subscription.

Multiple subscriptions

Customers can purchase any number of subscriptions in the same order / transaction.

Create / modify subscription from the backend

You can create or modify the subscriptions / memberships from the backend of your J2Store. Edit the expiry date, renewal dates, billing cycles and more within your subscription console. After creating the customer, just follow the step by step order creation wizard.

Automatic renewals and payments

Say goodbye to manual renewals. It is very convenient for the customers to have their membership auto-renewed with automatic payments (Current supported in 3 payment gates : PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, Authorize.net CIM, BrainTree. More gateway support is coming up)

One-time / single term subscriptions

Need to charge the customer just one time ? You can create a single-term subscription without automatic renewals. Just choose the subscription length same as the cycle to create single term subscriptions. Example: Charge $99 USD for One Year.

Variable subscription

Allow your customers to choose a membership plan that suits their needs. So you can create one subscription product with multiple variants.

Subscriptions management

Manage all the subscriptions in one place. You can cancel the subscription, view the relevant orders and more

Notification emails

Send automatic emails to the customers when the subscription is created, when a renewal payment is processed or when a subscription is cancelled or expired. You can customize the email messages as well using language overrides.

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