The Cart is Updated – What's New on J2store

Howdy friends,

Time doesn't stay still, huh? Things keep changing and updating. So do we. It's a constant affair of ours to update, expand, improvise, and integrate with new partners and services. Thanks to our developing team for keeping things coming. Here we are with our new updates and features.

Quick Pay

The plugin integrates QuickPay payment gateway with your J2Store Joomla online store. QuickPay enables you to accept a broad range of payment methods, including credit card and bank transfer securely. QuickPay operates at the highest level of security and is certified by the PCI Security Standards Council. You can feel safe with us and your customers feel safe with you. For More information, please visit QuickPay website.

The plugin uses the Payment Window method. Customers will be redirected to QuickPay where they will enter their card details or initiate a wire transfer ensuring the highest level of security as QuickPay handles the credit card information and other sensitive data on its website. You do not need an SSL certificate to use the QuickPay plugin.

Bring Shipping

The plugin integrates Bring shipping services with J2Store. The plugin enables you to get live rates (shipping prices) using the JSON API of the Bring. For installation instructions, refer the PDF file, which can be downloaded after purchasing the plugin.


The app integrates Komento in the J2Store Product List Layout. You can use this app along with Komento to add a 'Reviews' feature to your product.

You can display the comment as a tab or under the description in the product list layout. Komento supports and displays the comment fields in the native Joomla article views like Category blog and single article layouts as well. To more about about Komento, please visit their website.

See you all soon with more updates and integrations.

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