Craft Offline And Sell Online

You have crafted something great. Everyone loves a good craft. So, what’s next? You need somebody to appreciate it. Actually buy it. Go online, then. You get a global audience. When your audience is global, your product is too. But how exactly to go about it?

Go Online. Get Noticed

An online store for your handicrafts is the best way to monetize your creativity. So much time and energy goes into creating a handicraft. To be worthy, it better bring in some good revenue. The internet has become the go-to place for any kind of purchase. Make yourself available online (of course, along with your products) to make the most out of internet.

Building a market for your product is important for profitability. Revenue flows in when the right product is sold at the right place. By right place, I mean where people are looking to buy the product. There is no use of putting up a store where nobody is looking for it. For example, let’s say someone sets up a fast food centre in an organic food speciality area. Does not sound like a clever idea, does it? This is why the internet is the ideal place to build your market. It has the power to make your product reach any corner of the world, regardless of where you are.

More Demand = Great Opportunity

Handicrafts have the charm of your personal touch in them. The demand for originality never fades, especially among the online buyers. Some craftworks are created out of necessity and some as a hobby. Whatever it be, handicraft lovers recognize the effort that another human being has put into the product. They are ready to appreciate and pay the worth of your work. With demand comes opportunity. And in art, there are endless opportunities. This is all the more reason to make your craftsmanship a full time business. Take the business online to avoid middlemen. You do not need to go the traditional retailing way. Depending on a retailer or being a retailer yourself is only going to be a liability. Why? Read on.

Issues With The Traditional Way

The sales of handicrafts in a traditional way involves:

  1. the craftsmen finding a good market place where they can expect potential customers,
  2. setting up a store or hiring one,
  3. transporting their products to the store (while breaking one or two in the process sometimes),
  4. and then finally being able to sell them off to a handicraft lover.

Same goes for the purchasing process. Authentic handicrafts are best purchased from the locality where they hold fame for. For example, Kashmiri Shawls are best purchased from Kashmir and similarly Porcelain wares from China. Thus there is limitation in the purchasing power of people when it comes to fine crafts. Geographic location is the major restriction both for buyers and sellers. Retailing does not solve these drawbacks in any way. But they are entirely eliminated if both of them opt for online trading. A craftsman’s work can reach anyone in the world. A handicraft lover can buy from anywhere on earth.

Why Choose Online Over Physical Store?

Manufacture of handicrafts is a long process but selling and purchasing is no more difficult. Let us consider the limitations associated with handicrafts gone. Yes. Gone. Opting for eCommerce to sell and purchase handicrafts solves almost all the above mentioned issues.

If you're a craftsperson, once you choose to go online with your business, you do not have to worry about things like,

  • Finding a suitable market
  • Need for physical store
  • Transportation cost (Getting the products to market)
  • Casualty of valuable crafts.

You can rather focus on fine tuning your products and plan the pricing of your special artifact.

The traditional process is replaced by the following facilities:

  • eCommerce provides virtual/online market and store.
  • Need for transport is eliminated except shipping to customer.
  • Crafts will no more be casualties.

Get Started In 3 Simple Steps

Opening an online store is just a few clicks away. There are many ways to get started with an online business. You can display and sell your products on eCommerce portals such as Amazon or Etsy. But this is again “the middleman game”. They charge a certain amount for listing, transactions and sales. The other way around is to have your own website. The upside of using Shopping Carts on your website is that you own the content. It is upto you to make your sales and pricing strategies. Here’s all you need to get your online handicrafts business up and running:

1) Your Joomla! Built Website

A website is the store and the market you create for yourself. A site built with Joomla! CMS (Content Management System) is powerful and easy to use. It helps you build your website in no time at all. A customer looks for the following in a website:

  • Find the product and price easily.
  • Good content with clear images.
  • Responsive nature - accessible by desktop and mobile devices.
  • Add items to a cart without much trouble.
  • Security of Data - Personal, Banking, Debit/Credit Card details.
  • Reliable and easy transaction.
  • Simple return policies.

Let Joomla! take care of the website setup. You can focus on the content and eye-catchy images of your craftworks. Also make sure your policies are customer-friendly.

You just need to add a shopping cart for a full-swing business. Adding a shopping cart is much more easier with J2Store. J2Store is Joomla!’s most popular online shopping cart and eCommerce extension.

2) Download and Install J2Store Extension

Download J2Store for free and install it to your website. Now you have added a shopping cart to your site. This enables your customers to view your listed products and add them to their cart. Once they are done shopping, they can proceed to checkout. Get a detailed guide.

3) Add Your products and Done

In the J2Store dashboard, you add your products, put up pricing, and go public with your online handicrafts store. It is that simple. There is no rocket-science behind actually displaying your handicrafts on your website. All you need are some nice photographs, price and description of your goods to upload on the site. You are now good to go.

Getting started is simple but the journey is yours. A wide range of products and services are traded over eCommerce portals every minute. By wide, I mean as wide as the world stretches. Handicrafts are gradually starting to grow big into the online market. This shall enable a lot of cultural exchanges to flow around the world. Be a part of it. When you choose the online way, your potential customers and a functional store aren't far away. With your own craftworks to display on your own website, you are on the right track to grow as a successful handicrafts business. Put your work out there so the world notices you. Go for it.

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