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Create an online shop with SP Page Builder and J2Store to maximize sales

Building an online store firstly needs a website and secondly an ecommerce solution is required to be integrated with the site. Developing a Joomla website involves several steps. After getting started with a fresh site, generally you need to add a template and do a lot of customizations which is very time consuming. SP Page Builder is a handy tool to solve this issue by enabling you to create a full-fledged responsive Joomla site faster. If you want to build an online shop, the Page Builder can make the entire process much easier with J2Store.

The success of an ecommerce site depends on how well they can communicate with the customers. The first thing needed here is the proper presentation. With SP Page Builder, you can decorate J2Store product postings on your online shop. The Page Builder has a lot of tools to make your product appealing and ensure the maximum conversion rate.

Beautify J2Store Products using SP Page Builder

You must have noticed, big companies present their products beautifully to achieve greater customer attention and thus score higher revenues. So if you want to enjoy more sales, you also need to adopt this strategy. By default, your J2Store product postings look like the item shown in the following screenshot.

Pagebulder-Product-Discription new1

But you can make it appear more appealing and get the highest conversion rate by editing the product post with SP Page Builder.


Here is an example of a product description that was created using SP Page Builder.

Pagebulder-Product-Discription 2

There are so many features in the component. Let’s go through the core features of SP Page Builder.

Live Visual Editing

SP Page Builder enables a user to create web pages directly from the frontend. There is no need to open a new tab for watching the preview of your work-in-progress page. You can insert rows, columns, addons and other elements/contents right on the frontend. Every change you make to any page element is shown instantly.

Fully Responsive Design

Responsive web pages are a global standard. SP Page Builder knows this very well. Any page you create with SP Page Builder becomes 100% responsive and mobile ready. No need to code separately for making a website responsive and fit for mobile devices.

Supports all Templates

SP Page Builder is a Joomla extension that is 100% compatible with any Joomla template. You can use it on your Joomla site with any other extensions, there are no side-effects. Enjoy.

Pre-Designed Layouts

The Page Builder empowers you to launch a content-rich website in the shortest possible time with its ready to use pre-designed templates. JoomShaper provides a number of pre-built templates that you can use on your site in a single click. It’s a real magic. After applying a built-in template, add your own contents to the site. It’s that much easy.

JCE, K2 Compatible

You can use some third-party extensions with SP Page Builder closely for certain purposes. Popular JCE text editor tool can be used with the page builder where desired. While the native Joomla articles can be furnished with the page builder, still K2 for blogs can be used if you want.

These are just a few of the mostly praised features of SP Page Builder. The tool offers a lot more useful functionalities such as:

  • Duplicate rows, columns and addons on a page to minimize development time.
  • Create complex column structures with rows, columns, nested rows and adjust their paddings, margins, gutters etc.
  • Enable or disable elements to show/hide a particular content on the live site.
  • Unlimited undo/redo to keep the most desired changes only.
  • Powerful media manager to add and manage media files.
  • Native Joomla article support to make posts more professional with enhanced composition.
  • Export/import feature to download page layout backups and restoring them if needed.

SP Page Builder is a hugely popular component among the global Joomla users community. The tool is trusted by more than 200,000 users worldwide. It has a lot of useful and interesting functionalities that are very helpful for anyone who wants to launch a website.

There are lots of goodies in SP Page Builder. Here it was a quick overview of the amazing features of the tool.

Download J2Store and set it up in less than 10 minutes. Design your products with SP Page Builder. You can learn more details and download SP Page Builder on this link.

Happy developing.

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