Exciting Goodies from J2Store

Howdy Joomla Fans!

This month is just exciting for us and we wanted you to join in the excitement. Wanna know why? We just released two great features that we are pretty sure you are just going to love- AXIS Subscriptions and Axis Metadata Management.

AXIS Subscriptions

axis subs

AXIS Subscriptions is the latest recurring billing and membership management plugin exclusively for Joomla that helps you manage your memberships, subscriptions and billing. With Axis Subscription, you can

  • Create free/paid plans for your customers, set fixed expirations and notify your customers via email when plans/memberships expire.
  • Analyze customer subscription stats, and set filters to browse subscriptions, customers and plans.
  • Configure tax based on country/zone or pincode. Display pricing with or without taxes.

Download Axis Subscription here http://flycart.org/products/axis-subscriptions

Axis Meta

axis meta logo

Axis Metawhich just rolled out, is a metadata management plugin for your Joomla website. We understand the struggle you have maintaining your metadata within the articles,menu and categories in Joomla. But now, say goodbye to scattered metadata, because with Axis Meta you can manage all your metadata on one page.

  • You can add, delete, and update your site's metadata, and maintain an organized set of data across your website.
  • AxisMeta also supports Opengraph protocol so you can make your website content more socially viable.

Download Axis Meta here http://flycart.org/products/axis-meta

Oh and there's another feature we just rolled out that you'll love.


jmarkdown logo-min

Do you want to create beautiful documentations for your website? Well, now you can. With JmarkDown you can create fantastic documentations and host them in your GitHub repsoitory. You can then export them to website to be displayed beautifully.

Download JmarkDown here http://www.flycart.org/products/jmarkdown


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