Freshdesk for J2Store - New Ticket System

Hey J2Store user! What’s your view of the ticket system at J2Store? Good? Bad? Fast? Slow? Whatever it be, get ready to change that view (for all the good reasons). Our new integration with Freshdesk ticket system is here to offer you a better, quicker and awesome ticket support. To be precise, the J2Store helpdesk is now more helpful. Want to find out how?

“Time is money”, isn’t it? Literally and figuratively, this statement holds true. Our customer success team basically runs on this principle.

We, at J2Store are constantly trying to maximize our productivity to save your time. This shall help you focus on selling your products and leave the technical stuff to us. That is why we consider customer support to be the heart of our products’ success.

After facing some difficulties in attending to the tickets on time and round the clock, we figured out that we could be more productive and more helpful to our customers with a better ticket system.

Our previous ticketing used to run on Akeeba Ticket System (ATS). Though Akeeba is a great Joomla component to use, we are scaling up our operations to better support you, our customer. Here are the major reasons for the scale-up:

  • Need for mobile friendly system - So that we could be in touch with you even on the go.
  • Need for automation - So that we can focus on your issues rather than no-brainers.

Basically, we needed an automated and mobile-friendly ticket system with rich interface to reduce the moderation time. That’s where Freshdesk comes into play. Let’s delve deeper into it.

Why Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is known to be a highly reliable and smart helpdesk tool. And rightfully so. It’s got everything a competitive customer success team looks for. Here are a few:

  • Automatic ticket assignment
  • Agent collision detection to ensure two agents don’t work on the same ticket
  • Automated routine tasks
  • Ticket labeling and tagging for better filtering
  • Insert solution articles from knowledge base
  • Multitasking abilities and bulk actions
  • Mobile login

While some of these features are available in Akeeba component as well, it comes with its own limitations. For example, we have to be logged in to our office desk if we are to access the tickets. Well, logging in from mobile browser is possible, however it is not as easy as working with a mobile application.

Freshdesk lets us login to the ticket system using their mobile application without having to be at our work desk. Comfy.

So, on comparison, it is only fair to say that Freshdesk does a bit more and gives a lot more flexibility than Akeeba. As I mentioned earlier, mobile login and knowledge base integration are winning features for Freshdesk.

We love this new upgrade because it makes our lives easier - yours and ours. That is, not only the J2Store support team, but also the J2Store customers benefit from the new ticket system. Here’s how.

Freshdesk For You:

Let me list out the advantages of Freshdesk for our customers:

  • You can login to the ticket system using your J2Store Pro account. There is no need to create a separate account for the new ticket system.
  • Akeeba Ticket System is still available for you as the “Old Priority Ticket System”, whereas Freshdesk is available as the “Priority Ticket System”.
  • There is no learning curve. It is pretty much the same as ATS.
  • You can search for your old tickets from within your profile.
  • Get response to your queries virtually quicker than before.

Freshdesk For Us:

With the new ticket system, we are now able to:

  • Moderate from a single inbox
  • Quickly access tickets assigned to a particular moderator
  • Modify ticket status with just a click
  • Login from mobile devices when we are away
  • Integrate knowledge base within the helpdesk so that there’s no need to search for documentations separately, and a lot more.

Is Freshdesk totally new to J2Store?

In a word, no. Freshdesk has always been there at J2Store, except that the ticket system was handled by the Akeeba. You might have noticed the “Contact Us” form on our support page. It looks like this:


This is actually handled by Freshdesk for us. However, the difference is mentioned right there in the page. The contact form is only for sale and business enquiries, and not for customer support. Now, Freshdesk handles the latter, too.

So, we are not running a risk of errors due to new software here.

J2Store, at its core, is always up and about for any additions if it would contribute to our productivity and customer satisfaction. This particular change to the ticket system is also aimed at the same. We are working continuously to support you at each step of the growth of your Joomla eCommerce store. Because…

Happy customers = Happy us!

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