Google Finance API Url has been updated

Google Finance API has stopped working in the last few days as the Google developers have changed the url of the currency converter.

Google's Finance API is very popular and used by tonnes of applications including J2Store to get the currency exchange rates in real time.

However, it appears that Google has been planning to make upgrades to its existing API and has moved to a new url.


Since Google has failed to notify about this development, most of the developers could not find where the currency convertor had been moved.

It was only a couple of days back, developers had come to know about the updated url of the Google's Currency converter API.


The following old url is not working anymore.


It has been moved to



Those store owners who are using multi-currency should update the URL in the Currency Value Updater app.

Please follow the instructions below:


1. Take a full backup of the site.

2. Edit /plugins/j2store/app_currencyupdater/app_currencyupdater.php

Around line 118, you will find



Change this to



3. Save


The new url would be included in the next release of J2Store Verison 3.3.1


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