Great New Apps from J2Store

It's a big day for J2Store fans! J2Store just rolled out a couple of new apps that are going to make managing your online business even easier.

Grouped Products

J2Store has launched the Group Product App- a handy new app that lets you group any number of sub-products together, to be displayed as a single product.

Let's say you were to sell a set of spoons on your online store. It makes sense to group different spoons together on one product page, than to let your customers meander about looking for each type of spoon. The Group App lets you do this easily. You can list dessert spoons, tea spoons, soup spoons and table spoons as sub products under the main product- Spoon. With this app you can let your customers choose the quantity of each sub product. You'll also be able to limit the minimum and maximum quantity.

Pretty neat right? You can download the Group Product app from J2Store right here http://j2store.org/extensions/apps/grouped-products.html

Availability Notification

Another app that's just gone live is the Stock Availability Notification App.

This is a must-have for your online store. Here's why. Alot of the times, customers browse your store for products they love, only to find them out-of stock.

Well, there's no reason for them to leave disappointed. Instead, give your customers an option to be notified when the product is available again.

Customers can select ' notify me when product is available' option on the product page. This triggers an email to the customer when the item is back in stock.

You can download the Stock Availability Notification App from J2Store right here http://j2store.org/extensions/apps/availability-notification.html

So there you have it two great new apps to help you manage your store easily. In need of assistance? Feel free to contact our support team anytime.


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