How to increase your eCommerce website sales with J2Store and Notifly

There are almost 47 million websites currently on the internet; among them, 1.3 million are an e-commerce website. In 2018, the global retail sales estimated about $25 Trillion, and here, $2.9 trillion was from e-commerce business. A recent report says that e-commerce sales are predicted to be $6.7 trillion by 2020. The e-commerce industry now captures a vast business market.

If you want to participate in this trillion dollar marketplace, you must stand out. But How?

Here, we will discuss how to increase an e-commerce site sells and what parameters are responsible for this.

Things That Matter for an E-Commerce Website:


There is a common fundamental law in an e-commerce business that, SEO create traffic and traffic increases sells. So, what is SEO? Why should you care about this?

SEO is a website optimizing process which ensures better ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Google is responsible for 94% organic traffic. Search engines consider being a wide range of engaging customer source. Here, SEO provides better visibility of a website to the maximum number of audience or customer.

However, To survive in this competitive business market, it doesn't matter how beautiful your website and content is. But it does matter whether your targeted customer know that your site exists in the first place. Though It is a time-consuming process, it can provide the best return of investment considering the other marketing methods.

According to HubSpot marketing statistics, 61% of marketers say that improving SEO top inbound marketing priority. Not only these But The companies had also spent round 65$ billion dollars on SEO in 2016.


In e-commerce, speed plays a vital role. No matter how popular an e-commerce site is or its product and deal, no customer wants to wait for a page load. A website must be fast and scalable to ensure the fastest user experience. A fast website also provides excellent performance, which is a significant factor to rank higher in search results.

In 2010, Google officially announced that for SEO ranking, speed is also considered. Websites can rank well in desktop but not on mobile. Due to overcome this,Google is going to be grading the sites separately when it comes to SEO.

Page speed also affects the sells rate. Think like a customer, do you like to wait to buy a thing? If page loading takes to many times, then it might be forcing a customer to shift to another site. However, The customers have so many options to choose from. So, faster page load have a strong chance that user will stay on your page.


Design always considered to be one of the essential features in an e-commerce site. Thus every business cares about appearance. Good appearance always creates a good impression. While visiting a website, you always look for a good setup and organized one because it seems to be satisfactory and feels comfortable.

However, design in the e-commerce site is not only crucial for user satisfaction but also the workflow to the next. Good design also depends on the combination of visual representation and content function like navigation. A customer always prefers better usability as well as natural finding product which ensure the customer interest to buy things.

Did you know that a user takes only 50 milliseconds to give an impression about your website? 94% of website users first impression are design related.Almost 75% of users admit that they judge a company’s reliability according to its website’s design.

Social Proof:

People always prefer something which is presented with proper evidence. Social proof makes it easy for e-commerce customer while taking decisions. It encourages the customer to choose from product review, product feedback, and social share. Online shoppers feel much more comfortable when they got to know that someone also has a pleasant experience with that product or purchased.

A survey says that 77% of people who listen to others recommendation, even from people they don't know or prefer advice from a trusted source. The global consumer always prefers a new product from their familiar brand. This kind of thing also ensures better customer service from an e-commerce site.

Types of E-Commerce Social Proof:

  1. Ratings and Reviews: Rating and reviews are the most common type of social proof for e-commerce sites. It influences the customer to buy something from the location; however, the positive and negative issue also countable.
  2. Photos and Videos: A photograph is worth a thousand words. Then imagine how much satisfactory is it to see a product before purchasing because seeing is believing. A survey says that 96% of people found that watching a product video at least useful.
  3. Social Post: Social media is an excellent place for product marketing. Just one social post can be reached to the millions of followers at a time. For example, Amazon, the largest e-commerce sites with 29 million followers, when they have posted any offer or advertise any product, almost 29 million people came to know about that.
  4. Celebrity social proof: Celebrity endorsements can make a significant impact as tricky marketing to the online as well as offline users. Content from influencing well-known celebrity may overlap, e-commerce target audience. For example, most of the high profile celebrity works as a brand ambassador for particular brands. Here they use their social identity to increase the brand value as well as selling rate.

Things That Matter for a Customer :

Issue of Trust and Credibility:

Trusts always increasing sells. There is no other better way except trust and credibility. So, if you are experiencing lower order rate, that means your customers don't trust you anymore.

How can you up to your trust,

  1. You have to avoid spammy marketing.
  2. You have to use social proof with real customer reviews.
  3. You have to include a trustworthy seller.

Attractive Design with Better User Experience:

Attractive design and better user experience always attract customers. However, the picture quality, as well as template design, affects customer satisfaction. Customers still prefer to click and get the option. It is essential to ensure that people get their desired product without any hassle.

How to ensure better user experience,

  1. The design should be as much as attractive.
  2. The popular item should navigate easily.
  3. Product sorting and searching option should be productive.

Attention and Engagement:

Everyone loves offers and promotional codes, as people are always looking for them. E-commerce business still offers discount code benefits for customer attention. If you can ensure customer attention, then engagement will happen on its own.

How to increase customer engagement,

  1. Offer attractive discount policy.
  2. Offer free shipping.
  3. Introduce the extended selling period.

Service and Better product:

There is no bound of a business service. Therefore, better SEO, better security, better transaction process, and best quality product, this are considered to be more excellent service for an e-commerce website. For every e-commerce business, products are their key aspects as their business depends on it. A quality product brings customer, no matter what, people always look for the best things which are worth the money.

How to provide better service:

  1. Always mentioned trust seal and shipping information.
  2. Simplify the checkout and transaction process.
  3. Established an active business policy with productivity.

Things that Matter for a Website Itself/Owner :

Rating and Review:

Rating and review consider being a dominant aspect of the e-commerce business. 92% of customers read reviews before purchasing a product. Not only that, 60% of customer says that negative review turns them away from that cost a lot for an e-commerce site. However, to eradicate this issue, large companies now hiring full-time online reputation manager. According to the World Economic Forum, 25% of a company's value directly related to its reputation.

Positive and Negative Social Proof:

Social proof is considered to be a secret weapon for e-commerce business. The positive social proof always, but negative social proof can go against you if it used incorrectly. Anything that influences your customer thinks negative about your service and product is a negative social proof — for example, 1-star rating or a bad recommendation. Promotion is always good for your business except it cost you measurably.

Updated Features and Tools:

E-commerce is a large business with a wide range of features and functions. Keeping it updated with modern tool always challenging. But tools are built to reduce human effort as well as business support. To compete with others and be unconventional, every e-commerce is now turned to the new advancement. For example, pop up notification or social proofing plugin like Notifly. You can also use marketing tool for enhancing branding and promotion for your website.


It's hard to survive in this competitive business market. To endure in this long run, you do something that others yet not think about. These will always keep you one step ahead as well as a strong competitor in the business competition. Think about Nokia and Yahoo, two most successful company at their era are now scattered from the bottom line.

Smart Solution: Magnet Marketing :

Marketing Automation Software Tool:

Humans typically do marketing automation, but now the automation software tool makes it easy with low cost. Software that helps you with repetitive work is called automation software. You can use it for the internal task as well as repetitive work like email, or chat. Here, some of the best automation software tools for you,


Campaignrabbit is an eCommerce Marketing Automation tool that comes with a pre-built integration with J2Store.

It can help you run abandoned cart recovery, follow-up, product recommendation and win-back campaigns in autopilot mode.

Notable Features:

  1. Integrates natively with J2Store
  2. Automates email marketing campaigns - Abandoned cart recovery, follow-ups, win-back and product recommendation emails
  3. On-site popups - Exit intent offers, inbound marketing popups, hello bars, slide-ins and more


Ontraport is mainly a California based software company. It is best for small companies as well as entrepreneurs. Usually, Ontraport provides tools like CRM, market automation, and e-commerce. The best use of it is to ensure maximum product offering.

Notable Features:

  1. It is easily integrated with other Ontraport tools.
  2. Enable users to live support chat.
  3. Provide the best social media integration.


Sendinblue was first founded by Armand Thiberge and Kapil Sharma in 2012. They offer cloud-based communication software for relationship marketing. Almost 80,000 companies around the are now using Sendinblue for marketing automation.

Notable Features:

  1. It is easily integrated with other Sendinblue feature.
  2. Provide email, SMS marketing.
  3. Allow real-time tracking.

Social Proof Tool :

Nowadays, social proof tools are also popular in business websites. There's been a lot of companies are now using a social proof tool like Notifly. Notifly acts like a pop-up notification and help to increase customer engagement. You need to ensure that your customer doesn't feel alone while visiting your website. Here, the best social proof tool for you,


Notifly can provide you real-time notifications; therefore, it shows you what is happening on your websites like purchase notification. It is considered to be one of the most powerful marketing tools that can increase product sell by creating hype. Notifly can also help you to advertise your product without cost. As I told before that social proof or fomo marketing can get a paying customer from the visitor. Notifly can be the perfect choice for you as it inevitably reduces customer discomfort.

Notable Features:

  1. It can ensure visitors comfort.
  2. Provide real-time notification.
  3. You can track real-time conversion.

How Notifly can help increase your J2Store sales?

Increase Conversion Rate:

Conversion rate plays a vital role as we are in a limitless competition market to business. We need customer, no matter if we forcefully make them or let them be. An extension like Notifly can convert visitors into payable customers because it offers real-time activity through notification. These not only increase the conversion rate but also increases revenue.

Save Accesation:

The more visitors you have, the more chances of increasing the selling rate. Show your sells notification through Notifly; it will bring customer trust as well as boost your sales percentages. Therefore, Notifly indirectly offers you cost-free efficient product advertising facility even before.

Gather More Traffic:

To gather more traffic, you need to gain their trust. You can get customer satisfaction when a new customer will able to see your website activities. However, the customer feels comfortable to stay on your website. These will also gain better feedback, and feedback can increase more traffic.

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