Image Popup, AfterPay Payment And Many More Available on the j2Store App Store

Whew! It's been a tiring past few weeks here at J2Store. The team went all out to create an array of different apps that make it easy for store owners like you to manage your online store.

But you know what? Our work's paid off. Because when you check these latest apps out you wont wait to get your hands on them.

So say hello to...

Image Popup

Image Popup is a handy new app that helps customers take a better look at your products. On clicking a product the customer can view a special popup window that focuses on your product images. Customers can zoom in to view it more closely and can also view a slideshow of the product in different angles.

You can download this app for your store right here.

Advanced CSV Import/Export

This app is useful when you have a set of products with common product info. The app saves you the trouble of recreating product info for each new product each time. Instead, you can import product options, variants, descriptions images and much more directly from a CSV file.

Download this cool app here

Advanced Variable

This app helps you create and manage a versatile product catalog. You can create more complex product options and manage it easily. Let's say you wanted to sell 3 event ticket variants (Adult, Child, Senior Citizen). When an adult chooses the respective ticket, he can enter his name in the textbox. The name will then be reflected on an Adult Ticket. The same goes for the other tickets too.

There's a lot more that Advanced variable can do for you. You can check out the features and download the app here.

Category Based shipping

This handy new app allows you to set different shipping rates to different categories of product. Let's say you sell clothes and fashion accessories in your store. You can set a $5 shipping rate for all clothing items and a $3 shipping rate to all fashion accessories.

This is a pretty neat app and you can download it right here.

And Finally...

The Latest addition to our range of payment plugins

Afterpay Payment Plugin

We partnered with this payment service to help your Australian customers pay for purchases securely in your store. Afterpay is integrated smoothly with j2Store shopping cart so your payment is fast and seamless.

Get the Afterpay plugin here right now.

So see why we were so busy. We were bringing you the best apps for your store. So hurry right now and download them at the links mentioned.

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