Invoice Number Format is Now Friendlier than ever

Good news to the store owners! Now you can set a prefix and generate custom invoice numbers with J2Store.

Prior to J2Store 2.6.8, Invoice numbers are not editable and you would have seen a random number generated as Order ID. The presence of both order ID and the Invoice ID fields confused the store owners and customers. So we had implemented a friendlier invoice format in j2Store 2.6.9.

 Now, Invoice Number will be the only one viewable to the customer and the store owners. On J2Store 2.6.9, the Order ID field will not be displayed in the order history / list, invoice, and the email invoice. Many store owners felt that the random number (it is actually a timestamp) does not make any sense.

Also, you can have more control over the invoice number format. You can set a prefix to the invoice number in your store profile. Example: INV-2014-00

When customer places an order, the invoice number will be INV-2014-001. Invoice ID's will start at 1 for each unique prefix

The feature, a popular request, is already implemented in the J2Store 2.6.9 and its beta is now available. Grab it at http://j2store.org/developer-releases.html

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