J2Store Adds eCommerce Feature to SEBLOD CCK

As a Joomla Web Developer, you'll be familiar with the how you can use CCKs to create a beautiful, well functioning website. And we thought we'd give you a heads up on a great CCK you can use for your eCommerce store. SEBLOD is a powerful CCK and web app builder that you should get for your Joomla store.


What You'll love about SEBLOD

SEBLOD makes it easy for you to manage content on your website. You can create a front end administration section that gives the website owner the platform to submit post/articles or any form of content from the front end of the website. You can also create custom fields ( like size, color, price ) for your products so your customers find it easy to look for what they want.

Seblod allows you to create reusuable content types that makes building a website much faster. Since SEBLOD supports a whole range of content types, you can even build a complex content in a few steps.

What's great about the J2Store-SEBLOD Integration

J2Store is the last piece of the puzzle that makes SEBLOD the perfect CCK for your eCommerce website. While you can build a powerful, flexible catalog with SEBLOD CCK, J2Store helps you add eCommerce cababilities like cart, checkout, payment and shipping.

Download SEBLOD

Download J2Store SEBLOD Integration Plugin

Read the full documentation

So get the great combination of a superb eCommerce extension and a fantastic CCK for your store.

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