J2Store gives Joomla users a neat way to sell digital goods online.

J2Store is known for making apps that make the entire ecommerce mechanism seamless. Now, with the J2Store shopping cart, you can sell both physcial and digital goods online. A creative app (Amazon S3 app) designed by the J2Store team, has made selling downloadable goods extremely easy.

Here's how it works

Amazon offers secure cloud storage for developers, who can then upload digital files to their Amazon S3 account. 

All you've got to do is throw in any images, music, videos,PDF that you'd like to sell online into your Amazon S3 bucket. 

Download the Amazon S3 app for J2Store

The app lets you connect your S3 bucket, and sell the files securely. The entire process is seamless and secure. You can also access your bucket files and retrieve them remotely. If you're worried about file privacy, DONT be. 

J2Store's app has a foolproof system that ensures the protection of your digital products. The app generates a temporary URL that is set to expire within a few minutes. You also have the option of setting the expiration period.

See? Its that simple and effective. 

Selling downloadable goods has never been this easy and safe. Download the app now

We dont think you need any more proof of how simple ecommerce can be with J2Store.

Looking for a quick way to start selling digital goods? This template might help you setup your digital goods store front.


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