JoomPush Now Integrated With J2Store

JoomPush 1.2 is now integrated with J2Store. At J2Store, the store administrators can now receive Web Push Notifications through JoomPush. Our friends at Weppsol had come up with the integration following popular demand from the store owners who wanted to get notified when an order comes through.

JoomPush can send push notifications to subscriber’s Desktop and Smartphone browsers after a very simple login process.

Notification Instances

There is no need to check other notification modes or logs each time an event happens on the website. JoomPush notifies the store administrators about:

  • New Order Placement
  • Order Confirmation

More event notifications would be added as our friends at Weppsol are looking to improve and expand the scope of the integration.

Subscription Process

Subscribing to the push notification as default store administrator is pretty intuitive. All we had to do was to login from the backend URL and subscribe to the Notification Pop-up there. The updates are then sent to admin’s Desktop and Smartphone browsers after logging in. It also comes with customization options. Configuring the plugin is quite simple. Just enabling notifications for the instances does the job. With the Customisable Web Push Notification Icon, Title and Notification message, each instance can be configured as we want.

Getting customized push notifications is that simple for administrators now. For more information, get in touch with our friends at JoomPush

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