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Make your J2Store ecommerce efficient and customer friendly

Setting up an ecommerce doesn't just involve creating a pretty website and displaying a bunch products on it. As a business, your primary goal will be to attract customers and generate a steady flow of revenue. This means you've got to add an edge to your ecommerce to keep customers coming to your store. For a successful ecommerce you'll need an easy way to manage your technical aspects.

So here are a few apps that can help you create an ecommerce that will be an instant success.

Wishlist App

You have a range of amazing products on your store. But, your customers might not buy all the products they love at once. You can however give them an option to save products they love so that they can purchase later them later. Keep them in love with your products.

Google Analytics

This is a must have app for your store. How else will you track your store's performance? Google Analytics is useful to see where and how you are acquiring your customers. You can improve your strategies to acquire more customers based on your store analytics.

PDF Invoices

You'll obviously want to send your customers invoices after a sale. You dont have to get your hands dirty designing a template for your invoices. With J2Store's PDF Invoices app you'll have stylish readymade invoice templates at your disposal.

Bulk Discounts

You can generate more sales by encouraging your customers to buy more. Offer them attractive offers they can't refuse for bulk purchases. With our bulk discount app you can offer discounts product or category wise. You'll have options to provide fixed per product discount or a discount percentage of your total sales.

Abandoned carts

Notice that your customers have left behind items in their cart? Then remind them! With the Abandoned carts app you can export cart items to customer emails and shoot them a reminder.

Email Basket/Cart

This is a handy app that lets customers email cart items to to the store owner or to themselves. Your customers can send you a a list of items to to get information on them.

Social Media Share

With all those wonderful products you've displayed, your customers are bound to be crazy about some of them. Well then dont let them hold it in. Give your customers a way to share your products on social media with their friends. This is also a great way for you to promote your online store to large audience.

Social Logins

Save your customer the trouble of having to remember multiple password. With our app you can place popular social login buttons so your customers can check-in to their profile via social media. A lot easier isnt it. This also is a great way for you to access your customer's personal details so you can serve them better.

Gift Cards/Certificates

Sell gift cards and vouchers on your store. You can send gift certificates via PDF and emails. You can also control when the gift card has to be sent.


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