Mobilize Your e-Commerce Activities in Universal Analytics this Holiday Season

It's been more than a year since Universal Analytics came out of public beta; there are thousands and thousands of websites making a move from classic Google Analytics to Universal Analytics. Early birds saved time and confusion and stayed ahead of their competitors adapting to the changes very easily. Not only are they acquainted well with the differences between Classic GA and UA, but also they are way ahead of the others who still follow classic GA. Moreover, most importantly the outdated tracking libraries are sending data only to Google Analytics, and it's announced lately by Google that non-universal analytics tracking libraries will be deprecated in the future. The official announcement of depreciation will be made if it occurs, though. So we still have time to migrate the tracking library to the new operating standard of GA. Though migration may sound unwieldy, it just cannot be postponed for a long time. However, behind the ballyhoo of this cumbersome charade, a lot is changing apparently.

Why migration so important?

The answer is very straightforward. The websites get access to enhanced eCommerce features. It's good old days that web analytics was only about the visitors and the page views. The enhanced features enable the websites to analyse the behaviour and psychology of the visitors now. From how a visitor enters the shopping funnel to how he leaves the same, everything is trackable now. Deeper insights about product interaction, no doubt, will help eCommerce grow along both the axis.

Shopping Behaviour analysis, product performance, and product listing reports are the excellent set of insights that help a business boost their sales with.

The Product Coupon Report

The coupons and vouchers influence conversions phenomenally. The majority of customers become regular ones because of the personal vouchers and coupons. The discussion is not about the vouchers and conversions, but about the visibility to Product-coupons and shoppers interactions during the buying process. Some products show better sales rate at discounted price than at regular price. The Product Coupon report gives a better insight about how does a product performs during a sale season. However, do you think why too much access to deeper insights? The wider the information is, the easier the marketing is going to be.

Segmentation and Remarketing

Finally, everything comes to customer's shopping psychology. Sometimes, they are into expensive products, sometimes they look for discounted products, and later they come to see the low ended products. Their difference in shopping attitude has been an outcome of various factors that includes mood, need, bank balance, time, and so on. It's again, not about the customer behaviour, but about what to do with it. How positive the set of customers respond to the e-mail communication, how frequent a set of clients land on a website through paid links and such details will definitely help a business work on the marketing media and to make relevant adjustments. Segment the customers, and do remarketing based on their shopping nature. Holidays are around the corner; it's better to act smarter in advance and equip ourselves with the best.

The hoopla about this .js to that .js has settled in. Reality has dawned already. Now it's time think about what next. GA has shifted 100% to UA. There are kind of interesting and potential reasons for a business to think about migration that is going to come handy during the Holiday season. If you think you are happy about old GA, it's good, but it's time to see how groovy UA is, and how beneficial it's going to be. As they say, the UA has come to stay. It's just a sooner or later matter. Make the best use of this migration and expand your marketing strategies this Holiday time. All the best.

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