Setting up a successful ecommerce in India without spending too much.

India is rapidly evolving into an incubator for startups, thanks to Modi's pro-startup policies. The Make-in-India campaign has gathered tremendous momentum in the past couple of years. With the Digital India agenda in place, startups have an environment conducive for profits.

This is the perfect time for ecommerce to thrive. And we don't mean big established brands like Flipkart or Snapdeal. This is the right time for entrepreneurs out there to start their own ecommerce, and get them going.

We understand what your biggest issue is, when it comes to starting an online business. Your budget constraints are a constant worry. And very rightly so. Because, when it comes to ecommerce, you just cant have a fancy website alone. You need to work on advertising and promotions to acquire a customer base. You can't cut costs with that.

So how do you fit all these things into your budget without making a dent in it? We have the answer for you. J2Store endorses India's pro-startup policies. And as proof of that, we are offering a super-duper package to help you set up an efficient ecommerce without spending too much.

Here's what we are offering you to help you get started.

We are offering this to you at an amazing price of Rs 7000 whereas the actual cost of this is Rs.20,000. You'll have everything you need right here to kickstart your ecommerce. We've thrown in payment plugins, gift card apps, discount apps, store analytics and much more for you to run your store efficiently.

Actual cost Rs.20,000 offer price Rs.7000

You'll also need an attractive store to draw your customers' attention. J2Store has a range of beautiful templates perfect for any kind of online business.

We also have a few free templates that you can customize to suit your business. Foodify is a free beautiful template that you can adapt well with your store.

If you've got your hosting in place, setting up your ecommerce is very easy. On the look out for a reliable host? We can connect you with our hosting partners to help you get started. Want to know more? You can get in touch with our support team anytime.

J2store is sure to take your business to new heights. But you dont have to take our word for it. You can check out our demo and contact us today and see how we can transform your business.


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