Simplifying the process of adding digital products

The release of the J2Store 2.6.9 marks an important change in the way digital files are handled. Store owners can now upload files via the Media Manager or using an FTP client and associate them to a product.

This change was made as many store owners found it difficult to upload large files. The majority of the hosting service providers restrict the maximum upload size to 2 MB or 5 MB. Sellers, particularly those selling video content, have files of large size. So we decided to remove the file upload feature completely from J2Store and provide a much more simple interface to choose an existing file.


If your file attachment folder path is within the webroot (aka Joomla root), then you will be able to browse the files and select them.

In the case your path is outside the webroot, you can specify the path to the file and J2Store will take it.

Example: Within the web root

Say you have created a folder called Myvideos within the media folder. 

You will have to set the File Attachment Folder path (in J2Store - options - Basic settings) to: media/Myvideos 

NOTE: There should not be any leading slash when you specify a directory within the webroot.

Then when you add a product and click the Add files link, you can Choose Files within the File Attachment Folder path and select the required one.

Example: Outside web root

Say you have created a directory  Mysongs outside your webroot (i.e., outside public_html  or www or httpdocs)

NOTE: The typical path in Linux hosts will look like: /home/myaccount

You will have to set the File Attachment Folder path (in J2Store - options - Basic settings) to: /home/myaccount/Mysongs

 NOTE: Its a full path with the leading slash.

 Then when you add the files in the product, you have manually to specify the path relative to your File Attachment Folder path

E.g.  /song_track.mp3

Once you understand the paths, this process will be easier.

Adding files to existing products and making them available to customers

This change is another improvement we have brought in. In the previous versions of J2Store, only the files that are associated to the product at the time of the purchase will only be made available for downloading to the customer.

If you add another file to the product, the customer will not see it at the download section.

From 2.6.9, this limitation was removed. If you add a file to a product at a later point of time, it will be made available to the customers who have purchased that product.

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