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The Latest Apps from J2Store

They're all ready and waiting for you!


J2Store's brand new apps just rolled out and they're waiting for you to download them.

But first, let's introduce them to you shall we?

CB Profile Synchronous:

The CB profile synchronous app helps you access the user profiles stored in the community builder. You can create any number of user profiles with customized fields to maintain information on your customer. This app helps you access these user profiles and saves the user the trouble of entering personal details multiple times. You can also access and view customer order histories.

Download the app here

Geo IP Product Rules

This app helps you restrict customers in certain geographical areas from purchasing a product on your store. Let's say your store just launched the latest YSL perfume that's available only in Europe. You can use this app to restrict customers in other regions from buying the perfume. You can block the particular from being viewed in certain regions or you can display a customised message telling customers that this product is not available in their region.

Download the app here

TZ Portfolio

TZ Portfolio is the latest CCK that is integrated with J2store. It is powerful and capable of managing all your content needs in your store. You can use TZ portfolio to create beautiful product catalogs on your store using J2Store. It is extremely simple to use and your product catalog is sure to be well-organised and easily searchable for your customers.

Download the plugin here

These apps are great for you store. They are powerful, simple to use and add a lot more features to your store. You can get them easily at the J2Store App store.

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