The New J2Store Mobile App: How it can boost your sales

Before we tell you the good news we are about to tell you.... let's tell you some facts.

65% of online shoppers shop on their mobiles. Let's face it no one wants to keep carting a laptop wherever they go and shop on your website. People carry their mobiles with them.  And they'd love to even shop on it as well.

And that's the good news! The J2Store Mobile App helps you create a mobile app for your ecommerce store. Now are you still gonna ask why you need this app?

You NEED it because your customers WANT it!! That's why. They want to shop on their mobiles so give it to them

Customers can view your products (even zoom in on them), add to cart, choose their payment modes and pay all in just a few clicks. The entire shopping experience is fast and seamless. No hassles at all.

Your customers don't have to open a browser and shop. They can just do it with the app.

Once you've created the app with us, it is totally yours. You can publish it under your brand on the Playstore.

Now first thing's first.

Go view what your store will look like to customers on the mobile app. Download the J2Store Demo App to view it

And go right ahead and Get invited to a private BETA! So hurry and Sign Up today!  Grab Your Mobile App NOW!

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