The New Pay Later/Pay Against Invoice App is Here!

J2Store just released a new app that introduces a new way to collect payments.

The Pay Later app is a new way that helps you invoice your customers first and then collect payment later. This means you can send an invoice to your customer, complete any additional terms of service you and the customer have agreed upon and then receive the payments.

How Pay Later can help?

Creating an invoice first and accepting payments later

You can create an unpaid order on the backend of your site. This automatically creates a reorder button in the order history of the customer. After this you can send an invoice to your customers. When the customer is ready to pay he only needs to click the reorder button and automatically he can begin the payment process.

Customers often browse your shop, find what they're looking for and then add it to their cart. But after this they don't go through with the payment and abandon the shopping process suddenly.

In cases like this, you can create an unfinished order in the backend and this will reflect in the customer's order history. A reorder button also appears next to the unfinished order. When the customer finally decides to purchase the product he can just reorder it from his order history and make the payment.

Features you'll enjoy!

  • You can set an expiry for the reorder button. The reorder button will automatically be removed once the expiry is crossed.
  • Customers can change their mode of payment during the reorder process.
  • Payments can be made as usual via store's payment gateways.

Pay Later app simplifies the process of invoicing first and collecting payment later. This is an app your store definitely needs.

Get the Pay Later App!

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