Universal Analytics and Holidays 2015 – Part 1

Change. To improve is to change. To succeed is to change often. Make changes as and when required. New technologies are popping up, so are the consumer shopping methods. Fuel up the business engine with new tactics and tools.

E-commerce evolves; trends emerge now and then. By updating the existing ecommerce tools, businesses move forward to pace up with the changes the eCommerce world concedes every day. The web analytics is one of the most important tools an e-commerce website relies on to track the web traffic, research the market needs and improve the effectiveness of the site. Google Analytics is the widely used analytics tool on the internet. It was almost three years ago; they announced the beta release of Universal Analytics, a new version to the Google Analytics. Lately, Google Analytics(GA) has transferred 100% of its properties to Universal Analytics (UA). And they strongly recommended their users to upgrade their tracking code to enjoy 100% benefits of Universal Analytics.

Web sites that use enhanced e-commerce tools found it easy to migrate from GA to UA, but for some people, it seems like a herculean task. Early birds saved their precious time staying ahead of their competitors. Also, they enabled themselves to an excellent set of enhanced e-commerce features.

I am sure, for some, it's just an outdated news, but for some, it's NEWS. Web analytics not only is about tracking the web traffic the website concedes. From Shopping Behaviour analysis to setting up remarketing technics, a business enables to almost all aspects of e-commerce enhancements, as soon as they shift themselves to Universal Analytics.

Shopping Behaviour Analysis Reports

The reports are going to help a business phenomenally this Holiday season. The customers enter the purchase funnel at different levels. Different are the customers; different are their shopping behaviours. They frequent the website at different timings and requirements. The objective behind their stay on the website differs from a customer to customer. Shopping Behaviour Analysis report will reflect the various stages of the purchase journey each visitor performs on the website. Apparently, not all customers make their purchase on their first visit or immediately after adding products to their shopping cart.

There are various reasons for such abandoning behaviour of the customers. They might be doubtful about sharing their bank credentials with the website, or they might have realized that the store doesn't do international shipping. Otherwise, they are not ready to register with the website before making a buy. That means, no more back-of-the-envelope calculation. Upgrading to Universal Analytics ensures added advantages.

Product Performance And Product List Reports

Though product returns are based on customers' shopping behaviour, it's crucial to work on how to influence their behaviour through the way the products are displayed. Some products influence customers when they are listed on the top of the list, or sometimes on the cross-selling/upselling list. These reports will come handy while work on the product categories and product listings. How each product performs in various listings and their highest click-through rates will be tracked through product list performance reports. The wider the inventory is, the better the conversion will be.

Each report is inter-related, no explanations required. Upgrading to Universal Analytics not only benefits the business with shopping behaviour analysis reports and Product performance reports, but there are also more to it. Let's discuss the other advantages a company will enjoy with the migration this holiday season.

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