What to sell online with J2Store

Remoteness is what we, military families, embrace most of the times. Every time the transfer signal comes, I eagerly ask my husband which coastal town is it this time. Women, we always hang out along the beach side or go for regular walks along the coast and speak about the shopping gap the places leave us at, always. But I always show them that how lucky we are that all courier companies have extended their services to the places we live and how fortunate we are that majority of the online stores deliver the products at our doorsteps.

Some women are crafty; some are artistic, some are talented but clueless about how to turn their potential into performance. I initiated a conversation saying, how great it would be if people like us, who know pretty well the importance of giving courier service and delivery options to the highly remote places, start an online store. My neighbour's eyes shone with curiosity. She asked me if it is possible for a woman like her to run an online store? And How?

A response I wished to see from at least one. I told my friends politely it was truly very simple and entirely possible. Her curiosity increased even more as I started telling them about Joomla and how simple it is with J2Store. One asked, "What all I can sell from being where I am?" I said to myself, "Yes, I did". In a minute I started listing them what all they can sell with J2Store Joomla eCommerce extension. Yes, you will be encouraged, supported and empowered with the possibilities J2Store would show you. Embrace joomlaness and sell anything sellable.

Sell Physical Goods

The experience of buying a list of physical goods from the online stores is entirely different from selling the same online. The selling and buying trends keep popping up. Even a woman in the corner of a small remote town can sell her handmade crafts and decor items online as long as she has access to the internet and she owns an online store.

eCommerce is made simple and possible by J2Store Joomla eCommerce extension. Just give an eCommerce uplift to your offline store and that’s all.

I explained to them how innovative the sellers are these days. There is a website for kids products which is run by a couple who are parents.

One of my friends sent a referral link to my inbox requesting me to join the website to subscribe for some kids activity boxes. The site looked kind of interesting as it promised activity materials for children between 2 and 14 years of age. Subscribing to the site was very simple and straight with checking off some boxes of our preferences, and that's all. There were monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annual subscription options.

They promised unique themes and stuff every month. And they deliver what they promised. The activity box contains from a pair of gloves to an eco-friendly apron, and you would be doubtlessly amazed at the precision they maintained from packing every detail in relevance to the theme. And those are designed and created by a couple who are parents. It's a reflection of a parent's dream about how to engage their children during a weekend. The online selling is a boon that brought their dreams into reality.

I quoted my experience just to reinstate how easy it is to open an online store these days if one is confident about what to sell. And I couldn't stop myself adding about J2Store Joomla shopping cart and how it helps them start selling in minutes.

Some affirmative hush-hush among the ladies conveyed a simple message that they began thinking about the possibilities already. There are beautiful ready to use Joomla templates, theme wise, arrayed in the J2Store extension store for your convenience.

Sell Time as a Product

It's a cliche to say Time is Valuable or Time is Gold, but it's true. When they knew about how to sell Time as a product, they joined the conversation as well. A Dentist lady in the group showed much interest.

Selling time as a product online is nothing new. There are restaurants, hotels, motels, and cottages that take in online bookings. Booking for space and time is a good deal of business these days.

Okay, what other than restaurant, hotel, cottages, and houses are time and date based? Questioned one. I smiled back to give an answer, "your professionalism, your ideas, your talent, your potential. Be a consultant, be an online teacher, share your expertise online with the registered members and charge them for your time". That sounds cool, doesn't it? Be it your expertise videography, photography, or business ideas, real-estate or anything, if you are sure that your share of knowledge cannot come free of cost, open an online space to be booked for. J2Store Joomla extension helps you do that.

It was quite obvious that everyone began listing the bookable products and goods or things that can be rented. It's a good start, no doubt. When I warned them of being careful about overbooking and availability rules and definition, they all gave a hearty laugh. But it's the most important thing to be worked on when it comes to selling time as a product.

Sell anything. Even Tickets.

A woman can't dream small or simple. I understood how big they spoke about the online possibilities and Joomla to their husbands. Joomlatitude of the people filled the air during the weekend party. The discussion was all about J2Store and Joomla. When it involves men and people who speak IT, the scope of the discussion turns wholesome. The conversation turned even more interesting when people who knew about Joomla, CMS, open source joined us.

Knowing the Joomla-nativity of J2Store, the sounds of affirmation echoed around. One registered his experience about booking tickets online and how life has turned very easy and comfortable these days. Be in your pyjamas, take a sip of coffee sitting on the balcony chair, just scroll down the mobile screen or laptop screen to check the availability of the tickets and give a go. Running a show is as easy as that.

Sell your tickets online, manage attendees with simple check-in boxes, and provide them with an option to book for what they want to take along when they leave or enter. As soon as the seats for your show, or event, or day are filled in, you shall start the arrangements immediately. The beauty of taking things online is streamlining the elements of relevance in a neat way. Focus on just your show as everything else was taken care of during the booking process.

Subscription for Members-only Content

Addition to tickets to shows, movies, and conferences, you may sell tickets to live stream programs, webinars, private workshops and cookery shows. If you are sure that your professionalism and expertise cannot be shared for public view free of cost, the idea of charging for viewership on your Joomla website is made simple with J2Store.

It's more than selling tickets; it's subscription and membership. The users can subscribe for their viewership. The topic interested many now. When you realise that your competence or professionalism can be sold, do come to an upright decision to have an online presence for yourself. Things are made pretty easy with J2Store.

If you are sure that your content can only be shared with a set of people who will value it for its worth and merits legitimately, you should channelize the viewership with relevant subscription plans. Be it your options weekly, fortnight, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annual, or lifetime subscription, J2Store helps you set it up with ease.

Just forget about the billing schedules, plan expiry management, automatic renewals, expiry notifications and stuff related to subscription and membership for your Joomla website. With J2Store, all you can do is manage everything from the backend of your website, in comfort.

Just play on the line of changing behaviours of the consumers. People always loved to feel important. If they are given access to the exclusive content of your website, they not only would feel important but also exceptional.

Create a club or group exclusive for prime members and call it a platinum plan, gold plan, or premium plan. Let the users subscribe to one of the plans to enjoy the exclusiveness of each. It's all about how to take advantage over the buying psychology of the users.

Sell Digital Goods

Is it downloadable? You are ready to sell a digital good already. Writers who want to sell an online version of their book, just like a Kindle edition, to the readers for a better price can sell their eBooks in a PDF or any new formats that would interest the readers. Photographers who are looking for a better platform to sell their high-quality world class images online can display the downloadable picture with price tags with J2Store.

From an eBook to a full-length movie, you almost can sell any downloadable products online now. Most importantly your downloadable links can only be accessed by the paid customers, and J2Store just assures it for you.

Digital Goods can be treated as subscribable goods as well. Your product can be accessed online on a regular basis by the customers who subscribes for a 6-month package or an annual one or any duration they preferred to. Maybe your products are highly appealing that they don't want to miss out on any updates you make on your product list. Just feel flattered and think about giving subscription billing for the people who are willing to buy your digital product on a regular basis.

Discover and get hold of the trends that come in and get hold of the newness, or you invent some newness to make your eCommerce experience unique with J2Store.

Why J2Store

With 310,000+ downloads, J2Store is a robust, flexible shopping cart and e-commerce solution for Joomla. It's more than an eCommerce plugin or a shopping cart extension; it's a road to winsome eCommerce experience and beyond. Sell anything with J2Store, just in minutes. Feel the convenience and flexibility J2Store promises you. So, launching an online store is no more a nightmare.

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