5 Must-Have Plugins for your Joomla website

You might be wondering why so many new online businesses use Joomla as their platform. You needn't dig too deep for the answer. Most businesses opt for Joomla due to the extensive functionality provided by its extensions. Joomla extensions exist to serve every possible purpose.

The hardest part for a user is choosing the best extensions for their websites. After all, with the number of them out there you're spoilt for choice.

If you still aren't sure of what extensions are absoluely essential for your business, then read on

Akeeba Backup

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Akeeba is an AJAX powered backup extension that creates a backup of a website. The entire site is backed up to one archive that can be retrived on a Joomla supported server. The best part about using Akeeba is that you can backup large volumes of site data without being interrupted by server timeouts.

Admin Tools


Admin Tools is a multipurpose Joomla extension. On installing it, Admin Tools allows you to maintain your directories, and protect your website. The extension has numerous useful features. For eg, the tool inspects your PHP files to check for any recent modifications. It then informs you you if there has been an alteration in the file. The tool also sets up firewalls for security.

JCH Optimizer

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JCH Optimizer essentially improves the speed of your website thereby improving its ranking on search engine. How does it do this? The optimizer reduces HTTP requests by combining files (Java and CSS) to reduce the bandwidth. And voila! The download time reduces. Improving site speed creates a better user experience for your website. So the odds of ranking high on search engines are extremely high.



K2 is an AJAX based content creation kit that allows you to add different kinds of content to your site. For eg, you can add images videos and tags to your product. With K2 you can add blogs, directory lists, product catalog. It gives you a great way to add feature rich content easily. It also allows front end editing. And its FREE!

Jquery Easy


Jquery easy removes conflicts created by Joomla 3X. It removes the redundant Jquery and Jquery UI library. It also allows you to choose custom themes and styling from Jquery UI. You can also add or remove scripts and stylesheets.

You can try these extensions out for your website and see the difference they bring. Know other great Joomla extensions? Tell us about them on Facebook and Twitter.


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