Build awesome pages with JA Joomla Page Builder

Our friends at Joomlart have come up with JA Joomla Page Builder to help you build awesome pages in your Joomla website.

You can build stunning pages based on beautiful pre-made content blocks and page library in addition to super powerful builder features to update content, customize layout and style.

Here are the top 6 reasons why we love JA Joomla page builder

The page builder is built using latest web technologies and comes with powerful building tools and advanced text editor to help you customize and update all elements in the websites, each content type has different settings.

1. 130+ Premium content blocks

The builder includes 18 content type blocks: header, footer, content, hero, slideshow, gallery, etc and up to 130+ content blocks will help you create pages beautifully.. In addition, all the content blocks are customized easily with advanced builder tool.


2. 25+ premium page library

To save you time, we provide premium Joomla page library that includes beautiful pre-made pages (homepage, about us, contact, portfolio, etc) to help you create the exactly same page with 1 click. On the "Page" Menu, select Page library and select layout you want.


3. Create stunning landing page in 5 minutes

You can use the page builder to create effective landing pages in minutes. It has all the required blocks to build a landing page quickly.

4. Page Import and Export

The export and import makes it easier to clone a page with exactly same data and page configuration. To do so, just open the page you want to edit » Edit the page » Settings » Export / Import then export the page. Next, create new page and import data for the new page using the exported page data file.


5. Responsiveness

The JA Joomla Page builder is fully responsive, every single element in each content block is designed to have outstanding look and feel in all responsive layouts: Desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. The responsive preview will help you check how the page is displaying in specific responsive layout.


6. Revisions

Another feature you would love is the Revision. The feature will auto save the changes you did when editing the page (for now, each revision includes 10 changes). Meaning, after you do 10 changes, it will be saved as a revision. You can revert to previous revision to revert the content, pretty handy feature


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