Day 1 of the Joomla World Conference 2015

The Joomla fever that infected the Joomlers during the pre-conference party infected even more Joomla lovers that attended the conference on the Day 1. The familiar faces were busy sharing smiles and hellos; the new faces were greeting each other with curiosity to get to know more about others. Joomlaness started spreading slowly and steadily after Yummmm breakfast session.

The day started with a welcome keynote to the conference and celebration of 10 incredible years of Joomla. Stepping into the eleventh year successfully, the Joomla community that has been volunteering to contribute to this open source content management system globally, got ready to celebrate the tremendous milestone we crossed this year.

Later, four different sessions were going on simultaneously for four different Joomlers with four different portfolios, at four different venues. Developers were given food for thought about Joomla 4 and WWW during the developers' session, presented by Mr. Marco Ding. All 5Ws and 1H of Joomla 4 were discussed.

The Joomlers that attended Business keynote sessions were given some insights about the benefits of saying No to all the projects and vendors they come across. The meeting threw light almost on all the patches of Joomla business that need to be fixed. It must have dawned on all the participants of the meeting how to value one's own business. Thanks to Joe Sonne for the excellent presentation that struck a chord for many at different levels of their Joomla business.

Tony Perez delivered the other keynote speech about Navigating Online Threats: Joomla Security. The presentation took the participants for an exploration of last 24 months of constantly evolving technologies, emerging threats, and other challenges faced by the Joomlers. Moreover, the talk included the thoughts about the art of staying ahead of such negativity and identifying the risk in advance.

While others were busy exploring the world of Joomla experience they already had, the beginners were busy attending Amol Patil's student's session about What and How of Joomla. The beginners were given a pretty neat introduction, guidelines about how easy it is to use Joomla and ideas about what can be done with Joomla.

The quest for Joomla-knowledge was so apparent that every Joomler was very curious to know more and more about Joomla. There was a marathon of keynote sessions on different topics and interests were going on at various venues, and guess what, it is overwhelming for me to think about and some about the whole day Joomla activities we had at Sheraton, Bangalore, India. The booths, lucky draws, networking, connecting with old friends, making new friends, and being in India are some of the most awesome things that happened beyond keynote sessions.

With all the seats occupied, volunteers standing and listening, and few taking the floor to sit and listen, Chris Davenport's presentation on Architecture of Joomla 4 and beyond proved the point that Joomlers are ever curious to work towards the future of Joomla.

Brad Frost's presentation on Atomic Design was the most engaging session that threw lights on the practical methodology for crafting a design system. The session kept the Joomlers of all pace levels engaged giving insights about how to challenge our best practices in UX to better the web.

Joomlers keep our promises and maintain link integrity. Ruth Cheesley's talk insisted and gave suggestions about how to carry out professional link audit for websites with a range of tools. The integrators that attended the session, I am sure, might have come with a promise to follow a disciplined link culture in the future.

What a fun way to finish off the keynote sessions! Marko Rillo's Legos Serious Play, the community showed a strong 'We shall' messages. What a dangerous kind of fun it was!

With developers squashing bugs till midnight, the Day 1 of Joomla World Conference 2015 came to a successful end on the 6th of November 2015

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