JA Megafilter now supports J2Store


Giving the customers the best shopping experience on the ecommerce website is every business' dream regardless of the size of the site or scope of the products range. Adding best search filter extension to your online store promises the shoppers to narrow down their search to what do they want exactly. And it makes your site more shopping-friendly. 

J2store understands the e-commerce needs of yours better and works to bring to you the best possible extensions to our Joomla shopping cart to make it easy for you. 

What's new on J2store now?  Yes, our friends at Joomlart have come up with JA Joomla Megafilter with support for J2Store. Megafilter is the most flexible advanced search and filter Joomla extension which helps you make your storefront super-shopping-friendly. It's pretty easy to create a filter and the filter fields to your ecommerce store. 

Guiding a customer, who comes to your site with no clear idea of what they do they want, to find a product that suits their mood of the time, is an art. An advanced filtering system makes it possible, and it improves the customers' shopping experience on your site. We hope that you will enjoy the new filter system.

 Download JA Joomla Megafilter

Download J2store

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