What is new in J2Store Version 3 and why you should use it ?

Thinking of building an online store using Joomla and J2Store and can't decide which version to use ? Or already have a store in Version 2 and want to update to version 3 ? This article should help you understand why you should use Version 3 of J2Store.

Version 3 is written from scratch using the famous FOF Framework from Akeeba and uses a modular architecture, which ensures a better performance and a smooth shopping experience for your customers. Besides, it provides choices for building your online catalog. Be it a physical or a digital product, J2Store can handle it very well.

Want to ask customers choose from different choices ? You have product options. You want to chain the options or make them dependent on previously selected ones ? Yes. You can create them with Configurable product type.

Imagine you are selling Pizza. And you want the customers to choose the Size of the pizza first and then show the Extra toppings. This can be achieved easily with the Configurable product type.

And what if you have variants / combinations that require inventory / stock management. You can have them too. Say, you are selling T-Shirts. A T-Shirt always comes in a combination (Size and Colour). Example: Small - Red, Small - Blue, Medium - Red, Medium - Blue. Here the inventory is managed for the combinations (not for the main product). You can do this with the Variable product type in J2Store Version 3.

Here is a list of key features of J2Store :

1. Product types: Simple, variable, configurable, downloadable

2. Related products: Up-sells and cross-sells

3. Variants / product options (Got a variant / combination generator as well)

4. Chained / Dependant product options using Configurable product type

5. Support for CCKs like K2, Zoo, FlexiContent

6. App structure for extending the store and making it much more flexible

7. Advanced pricing based on customer groups, quantity, date ranges

8. Vouchers

9. Email and invoice templates

10. Product filters

11. Responsive, beautiful product list layout

12. Sub-templates (You can build a custom sub-template for different categories of products in your store)

13. Friendly and easy order management.

14. Dashboard statistics

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