Why Membership Pro is the most-needed Joomla extension for your online store?

In What way can having a bunch of loyal customers and providing them service according to their likeabilities every month membership benefit you? If you are seeking answers regarding the same, then you are in the right place. Subscriptions and Memberships is the most needed Joomla extension for your online store and here's us explaining to you, why?

Your online store business can reach towering heights due to a scheme of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly subscription service, called as Subscriptions and Memberships

Memberships is a feature-riched, creative subscription extension for. It is in the trend because it is very easy and convenient to use. It provides services to people who subscribe and get access to their wide arena of resources- Videos, documents, and so on.

Membership Pro Joomla extension’s subscription features

1.Billing Schedule

Billing schedule is the expected billing for a particular service over its life or just the initial period. Your subscribers can initiate or suspend service, change their payment methods using this feature.

2.Automatic renewal and payment

As the name suggests, this feature enables the membership to auto-renew their Subscription and Membership service with automatic payments. This is a quite convenient method of subscription.

3.One time subscription

One time subscription feature allows your customers to subscribe to service only for once. If the service is expired, you have to create another subscription, pay for it and get access to the service.

4.Variable Subscription

This membership feature gives you access to different services entitled to a single subscription. To be even more precise, Variable subscription is a one subscription product with multiple variants.

5.Multiple Subscription

Multiple Subscription provides you with the ability to access multiple subscription access on a single customer. A customer according to his or her will can subscribe to multiple services or a single service multiple times.

6.Notification email

A notification email is all about sending automatic emails when a customer subscribes to your service. You can also keep your customer notified when a subscription is canceled or expired. You can also send a confirmation email when a payment is processed. Notifying customers through email brings about trust in the minds of your customers.

7.Back end modification

The back end modification features allow the store owners to edit the subscriber's expiry date, renewal dates, billing cycles of their subscription members on their own in the back end.

Memberships Payment Plugins

Memberships plugins deal with payment plugins associated with the subscription. It is always auto-renewed and our J2store integrated with Joomla supports 6 Payment Plugins.


Paypal is a widely acknowledged payment gateway by buyers and sellers of 24 countries. Paypal standard plugin allows you access to your PayPal payment gateway.


Stripe is most popular in European and Asian countries. Stripe is primarily one of the easiest payment gates because it accepts Visa, American Express, Mastercard and much more. Also, there is no setup costs or monthly maintenance. If you are looking for a convenient plugin, then do consider stripe.

Mollie payment plugin

Mollie payment plugin is used across the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and France. It consolidates your Joomla shopping cart with mollie paving way for your payments. is widely accustomed and prevalent by buyers and users across the world. The plugin is based on the advanced integration method of It is highly convenient because it has fraud prevention tools and an easy to use online account access.


Braintree is a unit of Paypal which was acquired in 2013. It processes all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express. It also initiated the credit card data portability standard in 2010.

Square up payments

Square up payments is of general acceptance in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Japan. It accepts online payments as well as offline debit and credit cards with Square Up Payment gateway securely in your J2Store Joomla shopping cart.

If you are looking for beneficial and pragmatic Joomla extension for your online store, then J2store serves you just and right. J2store is not just feature enriched, but it also is unique because of its automatic renewal features. Grab the right opportunity for your online store. Give us your trust and we are here to prove it by all means.

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