How We Keep Work Organised at J2Store

Many have asked us how we work at J2Store and more people keep asking us. So we have decided to share things that we use to work, collaborate and communicate in a series of articles. This post was the start. We will be share more on these lines

We love simplicity. We like to keep everything simple, like our product J2Store. People like being simple because it helps them understand without requiring any special efforts. So are our tools to organise the work.

Productive communication with Slack

Most of you are already aware of Slack. We ditched Skype long ago and switched to slack for communication and collaboration. Though we are a small team, we extensively use slack for interaction and ensure a minimal distraction. Distraction is a No 1 productivity killer. Slack also easily integrates with our other tools. For instance, all the commits to our repositories in Bitbucket are posted to Slack. So we do not need to go to bitbucket every time to check the commits from all the developers. Our engagement in social platforms is also pooled in Slack.

Task Management with Asana

There are hundreds of project management tools available. But Asana stands above them all because of its intuitive, simple interface. Creating, managing and tracking tasks is super easy. It does not requirement many clicks. And the inbuilt collaboration features make the task management effective.

You can do the same for your store too. Set up a Slack account and encourage your team to communicate and share ideas that are productive. You can also encourage them to keep an organized record of the day's task the way we do. They can create a log of tasks that need to get done and prioritize them accordingly. This way you can create a work culture that's productive and organized so you'll see success.

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