Square Up your business with J2Store

Dear J2Store folks,

We are very happy to bring to your notice that J2Store now integrates with the most popular POS, Square Up. Make your selling so very seamless & secure. Accept credit card payments both in your online store and physical store with one Square Up account and J2Store.

Square is a very popular POS and payment gateway in USA and Canada. It is one-stop solution for both your physical and online stores.

How does Square - J2Store combo help?

J2Store's Square Payment Plugin allows you to

  • Accept credit card payments securely in your online store with J2Store
  • Use secure Square Up credit card entry form in your website
  • Customer does not leave your site when making payment
  • Receive payments offline, your physical store (using Square POS). You dont need a different payment processor.
  • Square offers a transparent pricing, fast deposits
  • Free Chargeback Protection

We help you run your business more efficiently and effectively. 

 Take a look!


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