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10 Best Joomla Templates for Businesses

Joomla users boast of the platform's ability to handle any kind of business. And that's not just because Joomla has versatile plugins that can handle anything. Its also because Joomla templates help websites find the right look for the industry they function in.

This week we decided to track down some of the best Joomla templates that are the best fit for any kind of corporate business.


hartle 01


Hartle is the perfect template, if you want to your Joomla website to speak style and and look welcoming to first time visitors. You can display your business services beautifully, and customise the website to your taste. Based on the Helix framework, Hartle is one of the best business templates for Joomla from Themeforest.

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ja biz

JA Biz

From one of the pioneers in Joomla templates, JA Biz is a cool template for companies' whose employees and young and hungry for success. Its homepage sports a simple 2 column layout that is ideal to balance medium sized images with relevant content your visitors are interested in. It is based on the T3 Framework.

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The perfect template for companies into serious business sectors, like investment services or portfolio management. Varianto from TemplateMonster, is the all- round classic business template. Large images contrasted against corporate colored backgrounds give your website that exclusive, and elite look.

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A minimalistic design so you can shine the spotlight on your products. Astore has lots of white space to display large high quality images and informational text content. It is ideal for a gadget store to display the latest gadgets that have entered industry. It sports a simple neat classy style.

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Runway's futuristic style and versatility is best leveraged by companies that are always developing new ideas. The best thing about Runway is the variety of layouts it comes with to suit any kind of business. Each layout is chalked into ample space for both images and content, making your website a cut above the rest.

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Photon is a different kind of business template for Joomla. While like the other templates listed, it spells a corporate style, it also has a twist of creativity in it. Photon stands out from the crowd by perfectly contrasting a business tone with solid bold colors, that you can customize to your taste. Its responsiveness matches its style and it is perfect to display the suave suite of services you offer.

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A classy minimalistic template sure to give a simple and homey feeling to your store. Ascent is perfect for businesses that don't want a stiff style but would like to warmly invite visitors in to it. Its the perfect template for home-run businesses or home bloggers who focus more on delivering a comfortable user friendly experience to visitors.

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jsn air


This JSN Joomla template is stylish with lots of space for large beautiful images. JSN Air walks the beam perfectly in balancing clean corporate style, with large spaces for attractive images. It works on the JSN framework, and is ideal for typical corporate businesses.

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Another bold looking template that suits businesses that want to create a bold brand reputation. Aspasia is looks larger than life with vibrant colors, big beautiful images, and ample space for you to fit relevant content in.

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The last on this list of beautiful templates is Infinito. This is a template that's perfect for a business that wants visitors to recognize its creativity. It looks feel user friendly, inviting and urges visitors to take a look around your store. It has a neat clean organized layout for you to highlight your services.

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These carefully chosen templates aren't expensive and can easily be downloaded for your website. Try them out and let us know which one you liked best. And if uyou know other cool templates that are great for joomla business website, tell us.

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