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5 different websites solutions for web developers

Joomla templates can help developers create strong solutions that meet the needs of the vast majority of visitors and clients needs. Templates can be useful for certain projects. Are you thinking about launching your first own online service or a brand new small business online? We’ve created a short list of the best modern solutions that can be very helpful.

Check the list if you are a professional designer or developer, who is in need of a professional and feature-rich CMS platform, on which he can bring his original and creative solutions into reality.

Our friends at Joomla-Monster present a great selection of fully professional templates purposed towards creating and enhancing your online presence. Templates were designed to be fully customizable and ready to accommodate for online business grow and world expansion.

You should know that you have up to 20 seconds only to convince your visitors to stay on your website. Use our proposed solutions to give your business website a professional look and feel that hooks your visitor.

Please take a look at each of the presented solutions separately and find out their professional use!

Ecommerce joomla template

Looking to create a stunning e-commerce website? Try the JM - Trendy which is integrated with J2Store shopping cart.


JM Trendy J2Store - premium multipurpose e-commerce Joomla template with a clean and modern design that uses J2Store store component as the e-commerce solution. It’s a great online store template using advanced menu system as well as DJ-MediaTools and DJ-Reviews extensions that support J2Store products. DJ-MediaTools is used to display slides & galleries using your products as a source. Reviews extension implemented here allows the future website's visitors to rate and review store products. This template is also a great example of the moder, elegance and eye-catching design that keeps online customers focussed on the products.

Joomla classifieds template

Now let’s see the solution based on DJ-Classifieds Joomla ads extension.

JM JoomAdvertising is a clean and modern Joomla classifieds template. It was designed for online listings ads directory. Moreover it is an auction Joomla template, the great tool to create online ads portal. The category of ads can be various - from job ads, real estate ads, car ads to dating ads for example.


The possibilities are unlimited because of DJ-Classifieds, best Joomla classified ads extension used here. The classifieds component is template’s basis here. It brings tonnes awesome advertising features. Users can post own classified ads on your site, visitors can rate and review advertisers and their items, charge for promotions and paid categories.


WCAG ready Joomla templates

WCAG compliance is nowadays one of the main requirements for websites of public institutions. The EU law obliges entities performing public duties to customise their websites to meet WCAG 2.0 requirements. Did you know that Joomla-Monster is the pioneer at providing Joomla templates?


JM Commune Offices is a clean and modern accessible and WCAG ready Joomla template. WCAG ready Joomla templates are templates that meet the WCAG 2.0 requirements and follows recommendations for making web content more accessible.

It’s an office template purposed for any kind of website associated with public institutions, city hall office etc. We highly recommend visiting the template’s demo site. It’s a great example of use to show development plans or latest city news presentation in an attractive way.

Product catalog Joomla template

The first interesting solution for a web developer is a template that uses product catalog component, best directory listings tool available on the web.


JM Product Catalog is a modern product catalogue Joomla template purposed for a powerful directory site. It uses the Joomla catalog extension: DJ-Catalog2 - this catalogue solution allows to present products in very attractive and organised way with a help of many usable features (custom fields, locations, search filters, query cart and more!)

With JM Product Catalog you are able to launch a professional presentation of electronics, software, hardware, mobiles, home decor, garden accessories in short everything you need.It’s important to mention that DJ-Catalog2 component is integrated with DJ-MediaTools - professional Joomla extension for slideshows and galleries.

Simple business joomla template

The fifth type of templates that can be usable for web developers is these purposed for a business company.


JM Financial Services is a simple business Joomla template created for all kind of companies dealing with financial services, insurance, accountancy or consumer finance for example.

This template is packed with many useful features, because of using the powerful EF4 Framework. JM Financial Services uses DJ-Tabs extension for Joomla - it allows to display important company’s content as tabs. Another fantastic component implemented here is DJ-MediaTools. It provides the possibility to create the attractive slideshows and that should result in attracting the attention of your visitors and potential clients.


Templates mentioned and listed above cover the most versatile web development and modern website design solutions that should be a valuable source for you. We hope, that you have already bookmarked a few templates from this article. All templates (solutions) listed above are fully responsive, multipurpose and based on the EF4 highly customizable Framework for Joomla. Using them causes the greater part of the work is already done without our effort. Present your online presence in the best possible way!


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