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Psychology of Web design: Typography

How surprised are you to know that Typefaces trigger feelings even? Typography is one of the several components of web designing that influence customers' feelings and choices. A Font family does create an impact on customer's response. On seeing the text and its style, the customer feels triggered by memories and feelings, positive or negative; their liking reflects their mood, attitude, and the type of personality they really are.

Choosing a font that goes with the colour of the website not only decides the font for the brand but also create an identity for itself. If the chosen font clicks perfectly with the colour of the layout, BOOM, it will strike a chord with the visitors mood. The font surely does speak about the type of business. People recognize a brand through their logo and the typography used.

Typefaces and other elements of Typography

The typeface is not merely letters; it is letters or words in the design. A grand look or a minimalistic look, the choice of typeface decides the language of the business. It's a style generated to visual decoding of the customers. They interpret the design, colour, and space; later they come to a business decision, to buy or not to buy. The combination of Colour and Font promise a visual treat to the customers and activates their shopping-emotions.

Do the glyphs used in the logo affect the entire site? Ever overlooked the truth that they really do? Starting from the Business Logo to the fill-up forms on the contact page of the website, the typeface has to be maintained across all the pages of the website. And not to forget, everything starts with the Logo. A Logo and a Tagline carry tons of emotions that they create a personality for business thus elevating a mere font of the text to a visual element unto itself.

A big thanks to advancing web technology. Now there are thousands of typefaces to choose from. It's not so easy again. If the choice is so wider, it will be more challenging to find the right one. The wider the choice, the more critical the responsibility. Each font has some quality or character to convey. They are designed for various contexts and uses. My favourite three are:

  • Serif – A traditional font among the lot. It's respectable and stable.

  • Script – Elegant, personal, and feminine font. A shopping website for women needs it.

  • Sans Serif – Simple, yet modern font that make the website look straightforward and contemporary.

The task doesn't end with picking of a font family for the business; there is more to it. Other typographical components such as line spacing, line length, point size, and letter-spacing are just to make the text looks readable, likable, and clickable.

Display Typography

Display typography is the dominant and fundamental element of a web design. As soon as the typeface, line space, and other typographical picks are made, the display typography comes into playing a role, because, a web design is based on both Text typography and Display typography. It's about using space more efficiently and elegantly. Making the positive space shine and highlight the important components of the business to drive the customers in.

From the placement of Business logo to making use of the graphic elements across the web pages, the typography plays a wider role in making the web design functional and viable. The combination of all design elements makes the website impactful.

Remember every glyph, font, text, image and space used on the web design has a visual impact on visitors choice, and on the whole they create a local colour to the business. Evaluate the utilization of each element carefully and make sure the choice gonna create the strikingly desirable result across the world of e-commerce.





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