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Why Mobile-friendly Websites?

A few people with laptops at airports and subways? Oh, yeah. Old scene, like ages ago.

Almost everyone seems to be glued to their gadget screens? No matter where? Welcome to Today's world.

Look at the unbelievable plethora of mobile devices. Mobile phones are selling like hot cakes. Everyone and their pets have mobile phones, nowadays. Internet is easily accessible. Mobile phones and online access, are just like bread and butter. What's so interesting about people using mobile phones in large numbers? Number of mobile users is likely to be directly proportional to the growth of e-commerce. User-friendly mobile gadgets, happy users, internet access, online shopping, and e-commerce – they influence one another.

What's so new about mobile-friendliness of a website? Is your website a dish fit for gods? Forget about quality of your website, if it is the only thing you boast about. Here comes the new mobile friendly ranking algorithm announced by Google, the game of two equal halves.

Just a month to go. Google is going to consider the mobile-friendliness of a website as an important criterion to rank your website for mobile search results. Moreover, it's an official announcement. It's applicable to all languages worldwide. This is going to influence the search results and rankings.

Desktop ranking and mobile search rankings are going to be different very soon. In fact, number of mobile phones users surpasses the number of computer users. So, it's time to embrace mobile-friendliness.

What to do now?

Optimize: Nothing to panic. Just relax. If your website site already has a responsive design, you are already there. If it doesn't pass the litmus test, just speak to professionals to perform changes and updates.

It's not that this change demands you to go for a separate website to address the change. It's all about how you are going to make your single site work across all gadgets and devices. One simple solution is 'a responsive design'.

A well designed responsive website is the right solution to meet this new paradigm. A responsive website performs well across the multitude of gadgets that come in the market. Give your customers the best mobile shopping experience providing speed and flexibility. After all, happy customers are who help your business grow better.

j2 mobile friendly

Tips from our developers:

  • Are you using Flash components on your website? Say bye to them for a while. Because they are not viewable on all gadgets.
  • Do you want some special effects? Consider using HTML5.
  • Do you offer custom themes? Why not give a second look at your custom themes to check if they are responsive?

Just be ready for any changes. Technology moves forward every minute. Optimize your website to be any-screen-friendly. Acclimatise, or update your website now. A responsive design guarantees better conversion rates and lower bounce rates. Staying relevant is not a trend, it's mandatory. Fit yourself in with relevance to see better success.

Sure, we are living in an App-driven time. However, avoid forcing your visitors to download your app. Customers always have a valid reason. They visit your website for a reason. Never annoy them with interstitials. So now it's time for your run a test for your website. All the best.

And I am a little curious about on which device you are reading this post. (winks).



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