Why Conversational User Interface matters?

Have you ever been bored of being in a conversation with your favourite people? I never did. Because finding time to converse with our dear ones is very rare these days. Even if we do, the conversation seems to be not enough and want it to be never ending. Why such conversations stay interesting and engaging is, we put our soul and love into conveying our thoughts, ideas, love to the other people involved in the communication process. Where are we heading now with this conversation thing? Yes, living in a digital world, being ruled by gadgets and social media, the art of conversation is slowly dying.

The art of face to face conversation is dying, as virtual communication through modern devices taking over the world slowly. The transaction of the volume of conversational messages between bots and people, people and people, people and e-commerce products, people and social media are increasing day by day. The rate of engagement and information retention is shooting up every day.

Virtual assistance in the form the conversation to make the users feel natural and engaged is taking a new curve now. From updating daily weather report with a friendly good morning to receiving the update about the delay in flight timing with a tone of apology and regret is truly an interesting approach. The base was all set in 2016 itself. The conversational UI has overtaken the graphical user interface people were used to. So it's time designers, and developers refresh their style of working.

There were styles and trends followed by designers, the tone followed by content makers. Now, it's time to see design and content coming together. It is high time content was given in style. Interestingly, the bots are not behind the screens all the time. What's trending now is real people being used behind conversational UI. Real people handle the Chat box, and Instant messengers and do documentation in real quick time. Placing an online order over a chat though sounds straightforward and easy, the work that is done behind the screen is an excellent combination of personal service and new technology.

It's all about time. If there is a communication method that saves time and energy, it truly gets successful. With Graphical user interface, users are to switch to new screens with new designs; it takes some extra time for them to understand the functionality of it. And it naturally makes it uninteresting for anyone to make the next move. The chat boxes and instant messengers are turning into a great success as people spend most of their time conversing through texting thus making conversational UI to continue to be a virtual reality concern.

The developers brainstorm big enough behind the screens to bring the virtual environment very natural to allow the users to feel more comfortable. Emoticons, the emojis, instant photo shares, video shares and location shares make things even more engaging. If we see beyond human conversations and instant messengers, how chatbots engage people in the modern times is quietly fascinating. From sending a daily reminder to engaging in problem-solving conversations, the chatbots are slowly invading the virtual space of the users.

The users were curious about the new technology and apps and were busy evaluating how things work the previous year, and now it's time for them to interact with the technology.

Another possible hindrance to the new technology would be keeping the conversation more natural. CUI is a new born baby. It's still under bottlefeed. Let's see how it crosses every milestone successfully surpassing all digital stoppages and challenges. 

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