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Additional fee

Additional fee

Charge an extra fee or amount per order. There are a few circumstances when you wanted to add an additional fee / amount to the order. The app allows you to do that exactly that.

Example: Collecting a surcharge of $4 for all orders below $50.

There are a number of uses for the app. Sometimes when you ship lower number of items, you might want to collect an additional shipping cost. The app comes handy as you can set a minimum / maximum quantity range.


Collect additional / extra fee per order

Many a times you might want to collect extra fees from the users apart from the conventional rates. Wondering how to make it possible?

Here comes the additional fees app with which you can receive extra amount from users per order as well.


Product-specific additional fee

Your site may sell products that are hefty for which you may wish to set an extra cost apart from the normal shipping cost. This is possible with the features available in this app.

How? You can set product level additional fees.

Automatically apply the additional fee to the order

To make sure that the user pays the extra fee, this option comes handy. With this option, the extra fee set for the products will be applied automatically to the order.


Create any number of additional fees to add to the order

For instance, lets suppose you wish to add a fee as service charge as well as processing fee.

Now, you can add as many additional fees to the products as you wish.

Offer customisations and charge extra

I am an online merchant and my stores sell paintings. I plan to sell general as well as customised paintings.

If the user wishes to buy normal paintings, then the normal paintings, then the amount will be the default one. If the user wishes to make few customisations, then a processing fee will be added to the order.

The above scenario can be accomplished by setting to display a checkbox asking if they want any customisations to be done. If the user checks the checkbox, then the additional charge will be added.


Apply tax to the additional fee

If you wish to levy tax on the additional charge, that is also possible now.

Because the fee can be set to taxable or not-taxable.


Friendly interface to manage the fees

If you wish to levy tax on the additional charge, that is also possible now.

This app facilitates seamless management of the fee.


Detailed documentation for the plugin can be found at our user guide.

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