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Additional Terms and Conditions

Additional Terms and Conditions

Add an additional terms and conditions checkbox in the checkout flow. You can link an article that contains your additional terms and conditions. For example, you may want to include a cancellation policy and ask customers to agree to it before placing the order.

This app will be most helpful for stores in EU as many countries in the union require the cancellation policy be displayed as a separate checkbox and agreed by the customer before placing the order.


After installing and enabling the app, either fill the 'Label prefix', 'Label for checkbox /link', 'Suffix to label' and 'Enter text for warning message' fields with required text, of leave blank. If left blank, they will auto-populate with the language string (which can be edited via Language Override).

Developer: J2Store
Required J2Store Version: 3.2.10 +
PHP version: 5.5 +