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Advanced CSV Import / Export

Advanced CSV Import / Export

The app enables you to import products, options, variants and more into J2Store from a CSV file. Instead of going through the trouble of editing every product individually, you can use this app to mass import the data more quickly and effectively.

Options to export and import data based on the product types, category and so on.

product type based

Product type based Export / import option

Import and export data based on the product types.

It becomes easier for you to organise your stuff when importing and exporting is done this way.

app advancedcsvfeatures7

Overcoming the limitations of Simple CSV app

With the simple CSV plugin, you won't be able to export and import Variable products. On the contrary, with the advanced CSV app, you can export and import the variable products, their variants, and their options.

But it is not possible to create new variants and import them. However, updation of variants is possible.


Import/ export product price

You can import and export product price both advanced price and base price separately.

In case if there is a need to enter advanced pricing for a product, the id need not be specified, only the sku of the product can be specified and the advanced price can be entered in the CSV file which will be updated to the specified product during import.

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app advancedcsvfeatures5

Stock/ Inventory management

Facing difficulties in editing the stock of various products?

Now you can export,edit and import the stock quantities using the export products option itself.

IMPORTANT: When you are opening the exported CSV file in Microsoft Office, you need to follow the Text CSV import wizard correctly by setting up the delimiter, quotes etc. Otherwise, the CSV will be read by Microsoft Excel as a text file. Excel also have bugs in automatically detecting the chracter encoding.

To overcome this, consider using Google Docs or the OpenOffice. Both of the free and handle the CSV format better than Microsoft Office.

NOTE : You need at least J2Store 3.2.15 to use this app. 

Detailed documentation can be found at the user guide: Documentation




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    Version: 1.28
    Developer: J2Store
    Required J2Store Version: 3.2.15 +
    PHP version: 5.5 +