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Advanced Notify

Advanced Notify

This app helps to send an order email to different store admin for different regions.There are options available in j2store to add multiple store admins but when many admin emails are added the notification will be sent to everyone when a user places an order.

With this app, you could set different store admin email for different regions.

Do you want to send an email notification to the vendor when their items have been purchased ? It is also possible with this app. For this, you can also design the body of the email with your own design.

app advnotifyfeatures1

Status, region and product based order emails

Rules can be set based on order statuses, regions and products. And it is possible to add multiple store administrator emails and customize the email template as per requirement.

app advnotifyfeatures2

Possible to set different store admin email for different country

Set the rule type as country based and add conditions to set multiple store administrator emails for the desired countries.

Allows to set PayPal merchant email for specific country

There is freedom to set the merchant email specific to countries or regions as well if you collect payments through PayPal .

app advnotifyfeatures3
app advnotifyfeatures4

Allows to change the way of advance notify email

Possibility to override the settings of store administrator emails set globally and add the email address of the ones provided here to the CC, BCC of the email notifications or to replace the default administrator emails with the ones set here.

Send email notifications to vendors as well

Options facilitating the sending of emails to vendors as well and customizing the layout of the emails.

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Detailed documentation for the plugin can be found at our user guide.

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    Developer: J2Store
    Required J2Store Version: 3.2.10 +
    PHP version: 5.5 +