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Ask question / quote

Ask question / quote

This app allows customer to enquire a product or to ask quote or request a quote for a product through mail.

The app adds a Ask quote button to the products. You can choose to add the button to all products or only for selected products.

Site in catalog mode:
If you are having the shop in catalog mode, the ask quote button wouldn't come up on the storefront.
Alternatively, you could turn off the catalog mode and hide the add to cart buttons in the site using the Hide add to cart button for all products? in the basic settings of the Ask quote plugin.

app askquotefeatures7

Fully-customisable quote fields

Set up the quote fields as per your requirements. Collect extra information from the users by setting up custom fields and adding them in the quote form using shortcodes. Add / edit / remove the quote form fields using the Custom fields section (Adding more fields in Custom Fields requires PRO version)

app askquotefeatures2 app askquotefeatures2

Enable or disable the quote feature globally or product-wise

Turn on the catalog mode for the entire shop or for specific products. Helps when you have certain products that are expensive and wish to offer quotes for your users. Choose whether the Add to cart button has to be visible or not.

Customize the email notification when requested a quote

Set up customized email notifications that are to be sent when a user requests for a quote.

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Re-arrange the form fields

The Ask quote form fields can be organized as per your requirements. Apart from adding new fields, re-arranging the existing ones is also possible.

Choose the position and style of the Ask quote option and form

Select where and how the ask quote option has to be displayed. Either before the add to cart or after it. Either as a button or as a link. The choice is yours. Similarly, the form can either be displayed as a popup or in an accordion format.

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Rename the button text

If you wish to change the text for the Ask quote button, it is possible through language overrides.

Detailed documentation for the plugin can be found at our User guide.

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    Developer: J2Store
    Required J2Store Version: 3.2.10 +
    PHP version: 5.5 +