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Discount for payment methods

Discount for payment methods

Promote sales by providing discounts based on the payment method chosen by the users at the checkout.

You could set to apply the discount only on specific user groups, change the discount label, and so on.

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Order total or sub-total based discounts

Frame order total based or order sub-total based discount rules when a particular payment method is chosen.

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Set different offers for different payment methods

It is possible to set up different discount rules for different payment methods. For example: 10% discount if the payment method chosen is and 15% discount when Stripe is chosen.



Offer user-group specific payment method discounts

Scenario: Avail benefits if you pay through Paypal only when you are a dealer.

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Provide percentage or fixed value offers

Set percentage discounts or fixed value discounts that have to be applied when a payment method is chosen.

Customize the discount label

Override the default value of the discount label. Helps when you have a multi-lingual site. You could just enter the language constant and translate the discount label into your language.

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