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Gift Card / Certificates

Gift Card / Certificates

Sell gift cards, Vouchers, in your Joomla website with J2Store and the Gift Certificate app. The app allows you to sell redeemable gift cards online, letting your customers to gift their near and dear ones with Gift cards.

The Voucher can be redeemed against a special product or at the store level.

Gift card app would only work on the PRO version of J2Store since the vouchers are only a part of the PRO version.

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Sell Redeemable, secure gift vouchers

Sell Vouchers that can be redeemed by users at the cart on their future orders. Voucher codes are generated automatically and are secure.

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Add free gift vouchers when customer purchases in your Online store

Enable Gift cards feature in as many products as you wish and the user will receive a gift voucher while he buys any of these products.

Don't miss out on the other features

Get other J2Store features along with the Gift certificate app. You could even use donation as an option on a gift card product and allow users to specify the amount they wish, for the gift voucher. You can set the product's price to Zero in this case.

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Apply vouchers to Subscriptions and bookings

You can enable Gift certificate feature on any type of product, for example- the subscription and booking product types. When user subscribes or books the product, a gift voucher will be provided.


For Sellers


Gift cards/Vouchers can be sent as PDF with the Gift code

Attach the vouchers as PDFs to the email notifications sent to the users.

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Purchase multiple vouchers for different receivers

Allow users to buy multiple vouchers by specifying different receivers.

Customize the voucher settings as you wish

Do you want to permit users to apply the voucher amount on shipping and tax, add prefixes to the voucher code, send a copy to store admins, set background images for the voucher PDF? Everything is possible.

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Order status based voucher PDF attachments

Restrict the voucher PDF from being attached to the mail notifications based on order statuses. Now you can set for what orders the PDF should be attached to the email notifications.

Customize the email template

Modify the email template for voucher notifications as per your requirements.

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Manage vouchers seamlessly

With this plugin, managing the vouchers is as easy as ABC.Options to view the history of the voucher, amount redeemed from the voucher, user's details and so on, facilitating easy management of the vouchers.


For Users


Add a special message for the gift vouchers

The plugin allows users to add a message to the receivers of the gift vouchers.

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Redemption at the checkout and save the balance for later

Users can redeem the vouchers at the checkout of their future orders and save the balance for later purchases.

Support for most eminent Payment gateways

Support for most popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe,, Mollie, 2Checkout and 70+ other payment methods.

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Detailed documentation for the plugin can be found at our User guide.

NOTE: A license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase.

Gift card app would only work on the PRO version of J2Store since the vouchers are only a part of the PRO version.


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    A license entitles you to 1 year of updates, downloads and support from the date of purchase. But you can use this plugin as long as you wish. The license is for support, downloads and updates.

    Developer: J2Store
    Required J2Store Version: 3.2.10 +
    PHP version: 5.3 +