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Partial payments

Partial payments

Are you selling products with higher cost? Do you want your customers to be offered for possibility to leave a deposit and make the full payment later? This kind of feature is now possible with our ** Partial payments ** app.

This app facilitates users to buy products and pay on installments or partial payments. Customers pay by either a fixed price or by percentage up front.

Give customers the ability to place a deposit and pay the remaining amount later. Customers can choose payment plans, with variable percentages and intervals. Automatically send reminders when the next payment is due.

Note: Automatic recurring payments are not supported. That is the customer will not be charged automatically for his next due amount. If you are looking for such a feature, then use our Subscriptions and memberships app.

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Place a deposit

While purchasing a product, customer can choose to place a deposit and then pay the rest later.

Example: Pay 20% deposit to book a seat and pay the remaining after delivery. You can create numerous variations of this.

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Partial Payments

Customers can pay a fixed amount or a percentage during the purchase and the remaining in intervals.

Example: Pay $100 now and the remaining in 2 intervals. Another example is: Pay 50% now and the remaining after delivery.

Pay button for scheduled payments

When a customer decides to do a partial payment, then he could pay for the rest of his installments / reminders at the order history page itself.

His scheduled payment records will be listed with a pay button.

He can click on the button to initiate the payment.

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Intuitive checkout flow

The purchase and the checkout process is intuitive. Customers can be fully guided through the entire purchase process.

This helps the customers to choose the right partial payment plan and checkout faster.

Support for all payment methods

Customers can pay using all payment methods available in your online store.

This means, you can use any of the 70+ payment gateways J2Store provides and implement a partial payment feature in your online store.

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Installments / Payment plans

Store owner can create payment plans and allow customers to choose them while purchasing a product.

Example: Pay in 6 equally divided installments.

Another example is: Pay 10% now and the rest in 12 equally divided installments.

Store owner has the capability to define the installment / partial payment plans and their percentages in the backend.

So you have the ability to define how much each installment payment percentage would be.

Option to pay in full

Customers can also be presented with the option to pay in full during the checkout itself.

So it is customer's choice to choose a deposit / partial payment or a full payment.

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booking multiple days

Payment reminders

Send automatic payment reminders to the customers when a scheduled payment is due.

You have the ability to send the email reminders at defined intervals.

Example: 14 days before the payment is due, then 7 days before the payment is due, and another reminder at 3 days before the due.

You can set this email interval in the plugin settings.

Customize the reminder emails

You can customize the reminder emails from the backend itself. You can customize the email subject and the body text.

Use short codes to add dynamic data like the due amount, customer data etc. Emails can be multi-lingual as well.

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booking multiple days

Create partial payment order from the backend

You can even create a partial payment order from the backend and let the customers to pay for it in the front-end.

Example: You can take a phone order and the customer can pay his installment by visiting his order history page.

He can also pay for the rest of the installments in a similar manner.

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