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The plugin integrates J2Store with FlexiContent.

FLEXIcontent is primarily an advanced content management system developed to replace the native article manager of Joomla!

You can build an advanced catalog of products with a quite lot of features. You can build an organised, flexible and easily searchable catalog with FLEXIContent.

This means for the end user, unparalleled simplicity of use, everything happens in one place. Mastering 10 components to be able to administrate an entire website isn’t required anymore.  For the web designer it means also the end of the headaches for the maintenance and updates of all installed extensions.

However, when using the flexicontent, you will not be able to use the J2Store's product list layout, which only supports showcasing products which are native Joomla articles.


Read more about FLEXIContent


Version: 1.5
Developer: J2Store
Required J2Store Version: 3.2.10 +
PHP version: 5.5 +