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This plugin integrates SobiPro directory component with J2Store, thus adding ecommerce capability to Sobipro.

A big thanks to Radek for the amazing extension and helping us to improve the integration a lot.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a very simple integration. It supports only the Entry views. Sobipro has lots of layouts and functionalities. If you need extensive integration with Sobipro, you might have to customise the integration with the help of a freelancer.

The integration can do the following:

1. It will help you treat a Sobipro Entry as a product.

2. It will help you show the folowing elements in the entry view: Price, quantity box, stock, sku, add to cart button.
3. If the view / layout supports Joomla content plugin events, you can use the shortcodes to get additional data like up sells, cross-sells.

While most components do support the plugin events in the layouts, some wont. If you see that the short codes are displayed as it is, then you can assume that the component does not support it.

SobiPro comes with powerful features that can be used along with the integration. The purpose of the integration is to add the ability to create a shop using Sobipro.

NOTE:Please follow the Instruction in the user guide before installing sobipro

Detailed Documentation  

Version: 2.4
Developer: J2Store
Required J2Store Version: 3.2.10 +
PHP version: 5.5 +