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Paypal Express Checkout

Paypal Express Checkout
Integrates the Express Checkout API of the Paypal with J2Store Joomla shopping cart.

The plugin allows customers to checkout faster using the Paypal's Express Checkout feature.

In-context checkout integration

Paypal has recently introduced this feature for the Express Checkout API. Buyers can checkout without leaving the merchant’s site via a PayPal in-context checkout window overlaying the merchant’s site or pay on PayPal’s secure site and return to the merchant’s site to complete the transaction; in the case of in-context checkout, the merchant’s site remains visible in the background.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the customer's browser blocks the popup (in-context checkout window), then the customer will be redirected to Paypal website for making payment. Please note that we cannot bypass if customers browser blocks the popup. If the popup is blocked, customer will be automatically redirected to the paypal's website for payment.

Force shipping

Express Checkout is normally suitable for merchants who do not charge any shipping or fees. If you wanted the customer to choose shipping and add the shipping cost to the order before placing the order, then this option will help.

When turned on, this will NOT allow customer to complete checkout without choosing a shipping method.


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    Developer: J2Store
    Required J2Store Version: 3.2.10 +
    PHP version: 5.5 +